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Marvel's Midnight Suns: How To Unlock Spider-Man

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" is finally out and packed with characters with which to build the perfect superhero team. Though some fan favorites, like Deadpool, aren't available at launch, there are still tons of great options to choose from. This includes everyone's favorite webslinger, Spider-Man.

While Spidey is indeed present in the game, that doesn't mean he's playable right away. Instead, players will have to unlock him before he can be recruited onto the team. Given his status as one of the major heroes of the Marvel universe, and the fact that he's being voiced in "Midnight Suns" by the accomplished Yuri Lowenthal of "Marvel's Spider-Man," many fans will likely want to access him as soon as possible.

Fortunately, it is possible to encounter and recruit Spider-Man early in the game, leaving players with many hours to use him in combat. However, that doesn't mean it won't require going through a tough fight to earn the privilege. The Hunter and their crew will need to take on an old Spidey foe in New York first. Beware: some spoilers follow.

Defeat Venom to unlock Spider-Man

While turning up in the main plot very early, he can't be unlocked until the player has progressed the story a bit (per Cultured Vultures). After going through the game for a while and completing some missions, The Hunter and team will be tasked with helping Spider-Man in taking down his old nemesis, Venom. It seems the villain has been somehow corrupted and mutated by Lilith, the main antagonist of the game, making Venom tougher than ever. Taking on the quest "Spidermaaaans" and bringing the villain down will lead to Spider-Man joining the team.

As can be seen in GameRiot's playthrough of the quest, it's not an easy battle. The Hunter and another hero will join Spider-Man in fighting waves of Hydra soldiers before they can even face off against the corrupted symbiote. At this point, the real struggle will begin, and Venom is no pushover. However, once Venom has been vanquished, at least temporarily, Spider-Man will be available to bring on future missions. Just let him rest up a bit first to recover from the battle, and he'll be good to go. 

If that's not enough, later next year, the game's season pass will be bringing a healed Venom to the roster. Finally, Spider-Man and Venom will be able to settle their differences and team up to bring down the bad guys.