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Marvel's Midnight Suns: What To Do With Agatha's Offering Bowl

Many "Marvel's Midnight Suns" players have had a hard time figuring out some of the more nuanced mechanics in the game, such as the Unknown Grave mystery or the Standing Stones puzzle. Another such instance of this is Agatha's Offering Bowl. Player's will encounter the spectral Agatha Harkness early on. Those more familiar with her role in the MCU will remember her as the nosy neighbor and nemesis of Wanda Maximoff following her reveal as the primary antagonist in the series "WandaVision." The Agatha present in "Midnight Suns" is a little different.


This version of the powerful witch was Wanda's mentor before she died trying to help the Scarlet Witch master her abilities (via Game Rant). She also serves as a sort of guide in the Abbey who will assist the player in navigating many of the trials that they will find there. As the player talks to her, she will eventually mention her Offering Bowl, which can then be found near her altar in the southwestern corner of the map. She doesn't do much to explain how this bowl works, however.

Agatha's Offering Bowl transmutes items

As "Marvel's Midnight Suns" players approach Agatha's Offering Bowl, an option will appear to place items inside (via Shadowcoast Gaming). Selecting this option will bring up the player's inventory of artifacts. Putting an object in the bowl by itself doesn't actually do anything, but using a Word of Power on the bowl while it contains an artifact will transmute its contents into different objects which can then be collected. This action can only be performed once per night.


Not every transmutation will turn out the same. Players will receive different kinds of rewards depending on what kinds of items they initially place in the bowl and which Word of Power they use on it. For example, using the word "Reveal" on a Knife artifact will create an Arcane Key. These are necessary for opening the magic chests players will find throughout "Marvel's Midnight Suns" (per Item Level).

It doesn't appear that anyone has compiled a definitive list of transmutation outcomes from using the Offering Bowl as of yet, so the best method for players is to simply experiment with different artifacts and Words of Power to see what items they can uncover.