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Fans Are Going Wild With Death Stranding 2 Story Theories

After years of waiting, gamers finally got a glimpse of "Death Stranding 2" during the 2022 Games Awards. For some time, rumors were floating around that a sequel to 2019's "Death Stranding" was in development, but now gamers have confirmation. But as to what the story of "Death Stranding 2" will be, nobody knows.


"Death Stranding" creator/director Hideo Kojima is known for his convoluted, complex narratives in the "Metal Gear Solid" series. And after he split from Konami, he brought his unique style of storytelling with him. As a surprise to no one, the latest "Death Stranding 2" trailer was just as cryptic and crazy as the first "Death Stranding" trailer, leaving fans with more questions than answers.

The trailer features shots of unfamiliar landscapes, Fragile and a baby running from a group of enemies, and creepy shots of a BB pod full of red fluids and tentacles. In addition, the trailer confirmed the return of Norman Reedus as Sam Bridges shortly before unveiling what looked to be a "Metal Gear"-esque machine. After the cryptic trailer dropped, fans naturally began speculating on the story of "Death Stranding 2" with some crazy theories.


When and where does Death Stranding 2 take place?

On the popular internet forum Resetera, gamers discussed their theories about the story of "Death Stranding 2." The first point of discussion was changing the name of the logistics company Bridges to Drawbridge. In the first game, Bridges was the company Sam worked for that was used to connect the broken society. RowdyReverb theorized that this switch to Drawbridge relates to Kojima's statement about rewriting the story due to the pandemic and that this relates to having to "deliberately disconnect from one another during the pandemic, just as a drawbridge disconnects two connected pieces of land."


When the game takes place is also a contested point. Many users quickly pointed out that Sam appeared much older in the trailer while Fragile barely aged. Some theorized that the first scene with Fragile running from gunshots was a flashback to before the events of the first game. Another theory is that Fragile and the baby were pulled into the future while Sam was not.

One user theorized that the game's main plot would be Sam and Fragile venturing past the beach into the ocean to rescue a dead Lou (BB). And in this scenario, the mech shown in the trailer would allow them to venture into the ocean.