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Marvel Snap Really Dropped The Ball With This Character's Avatar

"Marvel Snap" has received a lot of praise since it first came out, and was even voted Mobile Game of the Year at the 2022 Game Awards, but that's not to say every aspect of it is perfectly polished. One of the more commonly criticized aspects of the fast-paced card game is its microtransactions, especially when the price of certain bundles far exceeds the quality of its contents. The newest bundle has drawn lots of criticism from fans for just that.

Coming just after the "Warriors of Wakanda" season, the "Shielded Heart" bundle includes new cosmetic variants and avatars for players to use for Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Doom, and Invisible Woman. Players can spend real money or grind for ages to get enough gold required to buy it, but fans generally think the pack contains one of the worst card art in the game, especially at a steep 5000 gold.

Art in "Marvel Snap" can be very hit or miss, and the fanbase is no stranger to calling out bad — or downright hilarious — card art. A variant of Invisible Woman included in the "Shielded Heart" bundle has become the most recent target for fan criticism, thanks to the incredibly sub-par card art given to her. It depicts the heroine with a determined expression raising a knee, holding her arms out, and turning invisible from the left hand back. It's very low resolution, the linework is blurry, and it doesn't line up with much of the other art in "Marvel Snap." Some fans have wondered if it is a placeholder image that was accidentally released.

Fans roast the newest Invisible Woman variant in Marvel Snap

The response to Invisible Woman's new variant has been overwhelmingly negative from the "Marvel Snap" fanbase as countless players took to social media to express their discontent. One user said that the heroine's portrait "looks like a rough sketch," and particularly criticized the bundle's enormous price tag for players who want to purchase it outright. The roughly $70 cost for the gold needed to buy the bundle was criticized by another user who posted a closeup of Invisible Woman's variant face, to which a commenter responded "invisibility would be a gift for this poor soul." 

Another user called out players who don't like "Marvel Snap" pixel art variant cards, but "don't raise a finger to this abomination." On the lighter side, one user compared Invisible Woman to Sadie Miller of "Steven Universe," and another posted the infamous original "Mega Man" cover art in a fake "leak" of the next bundle.

Some of the criticism was actually constructive, like one user who created a mockup for a way to instantly fix the subpar Invisible Woman artwork by making her fully invisible, leaving her costume floating in the same pose. It would make sense as a variant for a superhero whose ability is, well, to turn invisible, though another user said it would be better if her variant was just a blank card.