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When Does Jailbreak Actually Happen In Warzone 2.0?

Since the very first iteration of "Call of Duty: Warzone," players who are eliminated from the game have always had a chance to get back into the action should they survive the Gulag — a 1-v-1 arena where two eliminated players battle to see who will rejoin the fight. In "Warzone 2.0," however, that formula has been changed ever so slightly. As opposed to 1-v-1, the Gulag now is 2-v-2 and can also be escaped by taking the keys from an AI character called the Jailer. However, there is an alternative way players can now get back into play called Jailbreak.


Jailbreak allows players who didn't make it through the Gulag to wait patiently. Even if your whole squad has been eliminated in a match, a "Jailbreak" that's triggered will drop all players still connected to the game back onto the map and into the fight. However, this is not an immediate or even a guaranteed process. Players will have to wait for the Jailbreak in order to be spawned back into the battle. But when exactly does this period take place?

Jailbreak typically happens during the fourth circle

As confirmed by Nicholas Barth at Charlie Intel, Jailbreak is a completely random event that cannot be triggered manually by players. Sometimes, a Jailbreak won't happen at all. However, according to Nico Vergara of VideoGamer, there does seem to be a pattern when it comes to this new mechanic. As noted by Vergara, the Jailbreak typically occurs at some point during the fourth circle. Upon a Jailbreak being initiated, all players still connected will drop in via parachute (much like a respawn or first drop in a game), and the Gulag will be closed. Much like the opening of a "Warzone 2.0" game, your player will be dropped into the game without any of the loot you had previously. This evens things up by forcing players to start from scratch.


If the game gets to the fourth circle and there still isn't a Jailbreak, that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be one. As shared by Redditor u/JernejK1, a Jailbreak can occur at the very late stages of the game, too, even if the match is down to the final few circles. One "Warzone 2.0" player even reported a Jailbreak occurring when the game was down to the final three players. So no matter how late in a game, try your best to stay frosty. You never know.