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Warzone 2.0: The Best TAQ-56 Loadout

In the current iteration of "Warzone," assault rifles are definitely standing out as the most popular option. Their effectiveness at medium to long range makes them a versatile choice and ideal for combat that has come to favor longer-range engagements. Among this class of weapons, the TAQ-56 is often considered one of, if not the best choice.


The TAQ-56 has all the strengths of assault rifles while minimizing their weaknesses. In particular, it has become popular for its low recoil and high accuracy, which make it a great choice for those who like to maximize the range at which they can attack.

Of course, any weapon is only as good as its loadout. The right attachments and equipment can enhance the strengths of a weapon and support a complementary playstyle while the wrong setup will only undermine these efforts. For the TAQ-56, the best loadout focuses on its role as an accurate and stable assault rifle.

The right attachments

When selecting attachments, players should seek to enhance the TAQ-56's range, accuracy, and stability. To start, they should follow the advice of EarlyGame and add an SZ Vortex-90 scope. This scope increases range and accuracy, making the weapon even deadlier at long range. Further, it can be switched between a 1x and 5x zoom, meaning it can be used at a medium range when necessary.


Next, GamesRadar and PCGamesN agree that a 17.5" Tundra Pro barrel should be installed for the increased ranged damage. This will ensure that the TAQ-56 isn't just accurate but deadly at long range.

With range and damage enhanced, players should next focus on stability. Here, the FSS Combat rear grip and the FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel are excellent choices, reducing recoil and further aiding firing accuracy (per Dexerto).

Finally, swapping out the standard ammo for 5.56 High Velocity rounds will increase bullet velocity, further extending the range of the rifle and allowing operators to target opponents at even greater ranges (per CharlieIntel).

Put together, these attachments will make a weapon built for accurate, long-range firing even better in this role.


The optimal perks

Now that the weapon attachments are set, it's necessary to select a perk package that supports a playstyle that properly uses the TAQ-56. While players can't edit perk packages in "Warzone 2.0," there are some solid options to choose from.


Given that the TAQ-56 is built for long-distance combat, players should go with the Scout perk package. As PCGamesN notes, this package is great for players who favor fighting from afar with a set of perks that support this style. In particular, the bonus perk, Focus, improves aiming accuracy, which is great for those firing far downrange.

Further, the base perks of Scavenger and Strong Arm will ensure that an operator always has plenty of ammo and can throw grenades at longer ranges. Finally, the Ghost ultimate perk is always a favorite, keeping an operator invisible from UAVs and heartbeat scanners while they're lying in wait to snipe an unsuspecting foe.

The best equipment

The final selections to complete the loadout are the tactical and lethal equipment that players bring into the field. Here, it makes sense to take advantage of the Strong Arm perk that comes with the Scout package and take some throwable items.


As RockPaperShotgun suggests, a Frag grenade and Stun grenade are great options here. The Frag grenade will help in forcing enemies out of cover and, with some luck, may even score a kill. Meanwhile, the Stun grenade will slow down enemies that are attempting to rush a player. This can keep them at a distance, so they can be taken out before they get too close for comfort.

Like everything else in this loadout, a Frag and Stun grenade will support an operator that uses their TAQ-56 to take out enemies from long range, playing to the clear strengths of the exceptional assault rifle.