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The Fastest Motorcycle In GTA 5

When it comes to vehicles in "Grand Theft Auto Online," there's no shortage of options. There are over 700 vehicles in "GTA Online," and more get added all the time. Vehicles can range from cheap minivans to luxurious supercars, with the latter costing the player a pretty penny. But if a player puts in the work amassing money through a CEO position or other means, the benefits of these top-of-the-line vehicles can be worth the extra buck.

Cars such as the Ocelot PariahGrotti Itali RSX, and the fastest car in the game have price tags in the millions. But with great price comes great speed, with those cars capable of exceeding 130 MPH. And, of course, the benefit of having a fast car in "GTA Online" is rather obvious, as it allows players to move faster around the map, saving them time. Players can even go a step further and get a flying bike that ignores the ground altogether. But those that enjoy the thrill of dodging cars and streetlights on the ground may wonder what the fastest road bike in "GTA Online" is, how to get it, and how much it costs. 

The Western Reever's top speed is unmatched

The fastest motorcycle in "GTA Online" is the Western Reever. The Western Reever was added to the game with the 1.58 Contract update in February of 2022 alongside the Shinobi, the Ignus, and the Dr. Dre Contracts. When it comes to speed, the Western Reever is no joke, topping out at 163 mph, or 262.32 km/h (per GTABase). However, despite its incredible speed, the bike is more realistic than some might think.

The Western Reever is based on the limited edition 162 horsepower ARCH Method 143. And like its real-life counterpart, the Western Reever will set buyers back a few bucks. Players can pick up the Western Reever from Legendary Motorsport for $1.9 million. But thankfully, the bike is customizable and eligible to be used in races. There is no room on the back for a second player, though.

Although fast, the Western Reever isn't the best vehicle to drive around Los Santos on. Because it isn't bulletproof and leaves the player exposed while riding, it is susceptible to gunfire and explosions. Especially considering how expensive it is to purchase, for many players, this vehicle may be one only worth busting out for street races and bike meetups.