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Players Finally Found This New Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Easter Egg

In-game cosmetics are either a fortunate or unfortunate reality of most online games nowadays, depending on who's asked, and "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is no exception to the rule. There are plenty of skins to collect and show off in the multiplayer modes — like the Mountain Dew skin and Burger King skin. Of course, there are also Tracer Pack bundles that players can purchase, offering skins, gun charms, and even stickers. Players just discovered an Easter egg in the newest bundle, the New Year's Tracer Pack, that's an unexpected visual treat.


Reddit user TNT_Jonathan shared two pictures that showed blood splatter while using one of the New Year's skins. When standing near a wall or vertical platform, the blood will show "'23" or "Happy New Year." TNT_Jonathan also pointed out that the blood splatter might also show on the ground if players get a kill from high ground and that getting the "Happy New Year" blood splatter seemed rarer.

The surprising splatter matches the other parts of the bundle, like the 2023 sticker and charm. But this isn't the first time that a "Call of Duty" game has had interesting blood splatter, and fans have shared their memories of similar occurrences in games past throughout the Reddit thread.

Call of Duty fans are split over splatters

While "Warzone 2.0" has had controversial skin issues, fans seem to enjoy the memorable cosmetics that have appeared throughout the franchise with unique features. The blood splatter idea is the most recent example of these additional cosmetic features, and players had fond memories of other skins that offered similar experiences.


One player remembered the 2019 "Modern Warfare" Rytec skin centered around marijuana, leaving blood splatter in the shape of a cannabis leaf. Another player recalled a "Modern Warfare" skin that created golden dollar signs instead of typical blood splatter. Other "Modern Warfare 2" bundles have also introduced other cosmetics with unique blood splatters, including the recent Christmas pack. In addition, there were Naughty and Nice skins, and the guns occasionally created splatters showcasing the same words.

While some players seemed to enjoy the Easter egg and the various skin interactions, others were against them. One user called the "Nice" blood spray mocking and couldn't believe anyone approved it for the game. Others pointed out that the blood splatter effects can be turned off in the settings by turning down the blood effects in general, but this won't disable other effects, such as the coal and confetti effects that came with some Christmas packs.


Unless a setting is added to disable what some find frivolous, players against these effects will have to try their best to avoid getting turned into part of the celebration.