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The Rarest Bike In GTA Online

In "Grand Theft Auto Online," the cars are obviously king. Outside of the ridiculously annoying Oppressor Mk 2 — which was finally nerfed recently — most players can be seen roaming around Los Santos in their favorite high-end whips attempting to virtually flex for all of the game's resident criminals. However, cars aren't the only way to cruise the streets in style. You can also do things old school and drive around your favorite bicycle. It's not always the most ideal way to travel in "GTA Online," but there's plenty of fun to be had.

As with every vehicle selection in "GTA Online," there is a good variety of different bikes you can own. They range from BMX bikes, race bikes, and old-school novelty bikes. However, these are just the standard selections. Just "GTA Online" possess many rare vehicles that players can collect, there are also rare bikes that you can find in San Andreas that will make your bicycle rack collection look all the more impressive. But what is the rarest bike in the game and where can you find it?

Colored BMX bikes are unavailable for purchase

As you're probably already aware, you can purchase a BMX bike in "Grand Theft Auto Online." Unfortunately, these bikes don't come with many variations and are only available in the stock gray color scheme. However, if you know where to look, you can actually grab a BMX bike that comes in an assortment of colors be it red, blue, green, pink, yellow, or a darker gray bordering on black. And they can be found across San Andreas — if you know where to look.

As pointed out by YouTuber Tylarious, there is a spawn point that will generate several different colors of the BMX bikes. This spawn point is located at the Redwood Lights Track in the Grand Senora Desert just past the Los Santos city limits. Though it is primarily a construction site, the Redwood Lights Track eventually becomes a haven for BMX riders at night. In order to spawn NPCs who will be riding their different-color BMXs around, you must arrive past 6:00 PM (18:00). At that time, you should see a group of young adults begin to gather while riding the bikes. Pick out which one you want, then steal it.

Once you steal, bring it back to your nearest owned garage or apartment and store it. You can store up to three bikes in your garage, so be sure to use those precious slots on bikes you really want.