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GTA Finally Nerfed The Oppressor Mk. II And Fans Couldn't Be Happier

"GTA Online" received a major update this week and fans are thrilled. The "Criminal Enterprises" update features a host of content, including new criminal careers, missions, and vehicles. What really has fans cheering, however, are the changes to a controversial vehicle that's been causing problems since 2018. After all this time, the Oppressor Mk. II — you know, the flying jetbike? — is finally getting nerfed.

The overpowered vehicle has been receiving criticism from fans since it was first revealed. Featuring machine guns, homing missiles, and defensive countermeasures, the jetbike was capable of zipping around the city, killing players with near impunity. Gamers came to revile the Oppressor for clashing with the game's more grounded elements, breaking the balance of the game, and being a tool for trolls and griefers. Now, it seems Rockstar is finally listening to this criticism and making changes to the bike.

These changes are arriving alongside the "Criminal Enterprises" update. Most notably, the Oppressor is seeing nerfs to its missiles and defenses. Rockstar explained that the missiles on the bike will now be less accurate and its defensive flares and chaff get fewer uses and be on longer cooldowns. These tweaks promise to better balance the game and players are thrilled.

Celebrating the demise of the overpowered vehicle

Social media is full of celebrations for the end of the Oppressor's reign of tyranny. Some couldn't believe it was finally happening, while some still think it could be nerfed a bit more. The overall trend has been satisfaction with Rockstar's latest patches. Along with all the other upgrades and content, the "Criminal Enterprises" update is already proving to be a real crowd pleaser.

Rockstar has demonstrated a commitment to respond to fan criticism lately. This update is also bringing a myriad of other fixes and improvements to the game. These include increasing the number of properties and amount of garage space a player can have, eliminating credit for kills in Freemode to discourage griefing, and boosting payouts for races and heists, making them more worth the players' time. In addition to this update, the studio recently removed offensive content from the next-gen version of "GTA 5" after fan outcry.  Overall, GTA fans have plenty to be happy about at the moment.

"Red Dead Online" may not be receiving much attention anymore, prompting some to hold a funeral in its honor, but "GTA Online" is clearly still getting love from Rockstar. Maybe "GTA 6" will have an even better version of the Oppressor Mk. II — whenever that finally releases.