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How To Sell Property In GTA Online

Some people play "GTA Online" to cause as much mayhem as possible, an appropriate pursuit for a "Grand Theft Auto" game. Others dive in to experience the story, carry out exciting heists, or become CEOs and make as much money as possible. Meanwhile, another pocket of gamers logs on to take on the role of virtual property mogul, buying up all the buildings they can. They can take this too far, though, making a purchase they later regret.

Maybe a player spent a bit too much money and needs to get some back. Perhaps they need to raise some quick cash to stock up on weapons and ammo. Maybe they feel the pangs of buyer's remorse and just want to get rid of an acquisition. Whatever the reason, many will eventually find themselves wanting to part ways with some property.

"GTA Online" doesn't include a process for simply selling property, and players can't do it for profit. Still, they have options for dumping unwanted real estate and partially recovering their investment. Doing so just requires jumping through a few hoops.

Sell a property by exchanging it

Players don't have access to a direct method for selling property in "GTA Online," but they can exchange it for another property, which provides a sort of loophole to trade in property for cash (per Screen Rant). While the basic idea always remains the same, the process will vary slightly depending on if a player desires to get rid of a residence or a business.

When buying a new property, players can choose to trade in an already owned property. According to GameSpot, If the new property comes at a cheaper price, a player will even get to pocket a portion of the difference. For apartments, just head to the Dynasty 8 website, select a new property, and then the one you want to get rid of. As long as the new apartment has a lower price tag, you'll make some money in the process. For businesses, players need to use the Maze Bank Foreclosures site and go through the same basic steps, making sure to pick a new business of the same variety as the one they want to get rid of (per Sportskeeda).

Remember: You can't use property exchanges to increase your income. You can never get back more for a property than what you spent in the first place. In an emergency, however, this can offer a good workaround for turning a property into liquid assets.