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Devil May Cry 5: How To Unlock Nero's Devil Trigger

"Devil May Cry" almost didn't happen, and it nearly became another entry in the "Resident Evil" franchise. As fans are no doubt grateful for, the over-the-top action series has enjoyed a number of releases over its more than 20-year history. Since there isn't much to go on for the possible arrival of a "Devil May Cry 6," fans will have to continue to make do with 2019's "Devil May Cry 5" for now. 

Of course, there's plenty to see, do, fight, and unlock in the game so this isn't bad news. For some players, unlocking the game's biggest secrets can prove to be quite a task. Nero's Devil Trigger, for example, is one feature that takes a lot of work to acquire. Once players have it though, it unlocks a whole new tool for Nero that could easily prompt character action game fans to play through the game's campaign all over again. 

A Devil Trigger, as "Devil May Cry" fans are likely aware, is the ability for one's player character to briefly transform and unleash massive amounts of damage. However, how do gamers unlock the trigger for Nero? It turns out that it takes some work. In "Devil May Cry 5," Nero, unlike Dante and V, doesn't have a Devil Trigger — at least, not right away.

Players need to beat the game to acquire Nero's Devil Trigger

Those seeking to unlock Nero's full potential will have to beat the entire game at least once before Nero's Devil Trigger can be acquired. That may sound off-putting to players who don't want to revisit the game after its completion, but it does also unlock an assortment of abilities that accompany the Devil Trigger. Like the game's other Devil Triggers, Nero's will increase his lethality and add a few new flashy moves to his attacks. Simply unlocking Nero's Devil Trigger also rewards an entirely new move that will allow players to grab and throw enemies.

This increase to Nero's tool kit could prompt some players to experiment with what feels the best while playing as Nero, and, of course, revisit the game's harder difficulties that hide even more unlockable secrets. As PowerPyx points out, for example, players that have unlocked the "Dante Must Die" difficulty by beating the game on the "Son of Sparda" difficulty will unlock new outfit variations for Dante, V, and Nero. Each one of these outfits, when selected before starting a mission, allows their respective character to infinitely use their Devil Trigger rather than having the ability deplete over time. Still, players must beat the game on either the "Human" or "Devil Hunter" difficulties to unlock "Son of Sparda," which means these powerful outfits require players to beat the game a total of three times.