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Suicide Squad's Developers Address This Big Concern After Leak Surfaces

The "Suicide Squad" franchise will finally enter into the video gaming world with the release of "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League." After some major delays, the game is set to finally come out on May 26, 2023, but since it was first announced, fans have certainly been kept apprised of much of its gameplay and story. In the last year alone, several gameplay trailers revealed, for example, some of the four playable characters' abilities in-game. 

Noticeably, none of these gameplay reveals showed the interface, menus, and monetization aspects of gameplay that would be featured in "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League." As it turns out, according to a recent leak,  "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" will feature a battle pass despite being a full-price game. It's a system commonly used in free-to-play games like "Overwatch 2" to give players rewards to work towards, and often there's a premium option that grants access to better rewards. 

Battle pass systems are becoming more common in full-price games, as is the case for the upcoming "Diablo 4" — a move that has been heavily criticized by fans of the franchise. Now, the outcry against the inclusion of a battle pass for "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" has prompted one of the developers to clarify what the battle pass entails.

An anonymous developer claims the leaked battle pass is cosmetic-only

The leak showed images of the main menu for "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League," and the interface revealed much about the player experience. After players noticed a menu tab for a battle pass, an anonymous developer reached out to gaming outlet VGC to respond to the criticism. The source reportedly told VGC that the battle pass will not enhance player power, and will only reward cosmetics — like new skins for each anti-hero — that don't affect gameplay in any way except visually.

Beneath the top bar is a series of icons that represent different resources for players to use in customizing the abilities and skills of each playable character. These skill points are reportedly completely separate from the battle pass, but that doesn't mean players will have a hard time getting powerful enough for satisfying gameplay. The developer assured VGC that players "start off great and can get ridiculous," like Batman in "Arkham Knight." 

What exactly the battle pass for "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" will contain is a mystery, but as long as it sticks to cosmetics rather than power-enhancing rewards, the controversy surrounding its inclusion will likely die down a bit.