5 iPhones Games Practically Made For Joy-Cons

Mobile gaming is the biggest area in the gaming industry. According to GlobeNewswire, over 60% of global video game revenue lies in mobile gaming. It's forecasted to be valued at over $214.61 billion by 2028. More and more people are turning to, and spending money on, mobile games. Plenty of great games exist for mobile devices, and Apple just made it even easier to game on iPhones.


The iOS 16 update gave Apple products the ability to connect to Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. This means iPhone users can play games easier than ever if they own a Nintendo Switch or buy Joy-Cons. There are plenty of games that take advantage of Joy-Con support, and some games are on the verge of being too difficult to play without some type of controller.

So what should iPhone gamers dive into first? Here are some of the best iPhone games to play with Joy-Cons.

Wylde Flowers

For the cozy gamers out there, "Wylde Flowers" is the perfect on-the-go iOS game, and it works perfectly with Joy-Cons. The game features Tara, a young witch who moves from the big city to assist her grandmother on her farm. "Wylde Flowers" differentiates itself from other farming games with Tara's duties as a witch, such as interacting with the rest of the coven, making potions, and even flying on a broomstick.


"Wylde Flowers" also has plenty of life-sim aspects, such as creating deep relationships (including romantic relationships if the player wishes). The game is available on consoles, which is why it's perfect for Joy-Cons – it was originally created with controllers in mind. With gorgeous mobile graphics and a compelling story, it's a great experience for iPhone users.

Joy-Cons are especially handy because they can help the player relax while playing. Kick back, grab a blanket, and put the phone with "Wylde Flowers" somewhere you can see for the perfect cozy time.

Stardew Valley

"Stardew Valley" is another perfect game to play with Joy-Cons on iPhone. Whether you've never played the game before or you're looking for things to do after beating the game on another console, nothing beats being able to head to the farm and play a bit while you're on the go. Without the Joy-Cons, the controls can feel a bit difficult, especially on iPhones with smaller screens.


Between farming, befriending townsfolk, mining, exploring Ginger Island, and beating Journey of the Prairie King, there's plenty to do. According to HowLongToBeat, there's nearly 160 hours of content to get through. On top of that, the game has plenty of life sim elements that make it easy to replay over and over. Paired with the ability to use Joy-Cons, it's easy for iPhone users to sit back, relax, and farm, even if they've played the game in the past or currently play it on another system.

Genshin Impact

Since "Genshin Impact" was first released, fans have been speculating whether or not the game will make its way to Nintendo Switch – especially since an early teaser for the game claimed that it would be.


"Genshin Impact" seemingly never ends, with plenty of things for players to do no matter how much they've already played the game. Additionally, the game receives regular updates and is projected to do so for quite some time, so it's something people can get invested in. Plus, the world is building more outside of the game with things to enjoy, such as an anime adaptation.

Joy-Cons make pulling off combos more precise compared to tapping the screen, which can make fighting in the Abyss and going after tougher bosses a bit easier. Plus, players can log in and access their account on any platform, including iOS, so it's perfect for current players who want a new way to play. 

Apex Legends Mobile

"Apex Legends" isn't the same game as when it first started, and it's even available on iOS now. The FPS game has several different ways to play on iPhone, but Joy-Cons can help you out in any of them.


Any kind of game that involves shooting can be difficult on a touch screen, but "Apex Legends" is even more complex because of character abilities. Aiming, shooting, and moving around can be challenging enough without having to weave in character abilities. Joy-Cons make this much easier as hitting buttons is quicker and easier to do simultaneously, so "Apex Legends" feels better to play on mobile. It's also good for players who use a controller to play on other systems since the button configuration will stay the same.

"Apex Legends" accounts can also be accessed from any system it's on, so players can still use their skins, work on their battle pass, and climb the ranked ladder on the same account.


Asphalt 9: Legends

Last but not least is a game for all the racing fans to enjoy. "Asphalt 9: Legends" is a great racing game on iPhone that also supports Joy-Cons. The arcade racing game lets players compete in different parts of the world in cars that are both fast and stylish — perfect for anyone who wants to take tour the world while jet-setting in real life.


With controller support on iOS, "Asphalt 9: Legends" can be played with a bit more control without sacrificing its portability. "Asphalt 9: Legends" has great player support as well, and players can try certain test cars that aren't on the market such as the Jaguar XE SV Project 8. There's also a battle pass for anyone who wants to get more out of the free game, which is where many of the new cars are initially released.

Players can also race online in multiplayer mode, which means that competitive players can use Joy-Cons to make their racing even better and more precise.