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PewDiePie Got Honest About The Key To His Successful Relationship With Marzia

PewDiePie needs no introduction as one of YouTube's top content creators, and to many of his fans, neither does his wife Marzia. The two have been together for over 10 years, and they've been married since 2019. Vibrant and accomplished, Marzia's talents are as varied as fashion design, acting, writing, and influencing, just to name a few. PewDiePie immediately took an interest in  her when she reached out to share her admiration for his funny videos, and the rest is history. By the looks of things, these two creative spouses are very happy together, and their relationship has clearly stood the test of time. So, what's their secret?

In 2020, PewDiePie filmed a reaction video of dating coach Anthony    reaction to his and Marzia's relationship. For those looking to get even more meta than that on this topic, Recenello has since posted a reaction video to PewDiePie's reaction video. As for PewDiePie's reaction, it was fully entertaining to see his take on the dating coach's interpretation of his love life. And, in the midst of his reaction, PewDiePie opened up about a few of the factors that make him and Marzia such a successful couple. He even took a stab at offering dating advice. Here's what he had to say.

PewDiePie values being yourself in a relationship

In his reaction video to dating coach Anthony Recenello, PewDiePie shared a couple of keys to the success he and Marzia have had in their relationship. Responding to Recenello's comments about the importance of finding people to date with shared passions, PewDiePie shared, "it's easier to find someone if you enter the circles of the kind of people that you are comfortable with. It's much easier to find someone you like, and you don't have to pretend to be someone else."

Reacting to Recenello's elaboration on the idea that couples sharing common interests is important, PewDiePie continued to share his thoughts about his relationship with Marzia and how their differences led to the joy of discovery together: "I don't think me and Marzia necessarily shared that many interests when we met. We both loved Japan, and that's something that we found that we love together. We love our pugs, I didn't used to love pugs, it was something that she introduced to me."

PewDiePie then laughed at the silliness of people having strict criteria for partners on dating shows that he and Marzia are watching. The way he sees it, "If you really like someone, you're not gonna give a f**k about these criteria." He ended the video with a piece of advice: "I think the biggest tip I can give from me and Marzia's relationship is just being honest with each other 100%. And talk to each other. And be epic." Though he said he wasn't good at advice after offering it, it seems PewDiePie's words of wisdom may have done him well so far in his relationship.