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Can You Pet Sommie In Fire Emblem Engage?

"Fire Emblem" is back with "Fire Emblem Engage" on the Nintendo Switch. This new entry into the popular turn-based RPG series brings a ton of new content for gamers to enjoy. For example, in "Fire Emblem Engage," players can use these special items called Emblem Rings to fight alongside some of the game's previous protagonists, such as Marth and Roy from "Super Smash Bros." fame. But humans aren't the only ones that can be recruited in "Fire Emblem Engage."


After completing Chapter 5, players may notice a small blue and white dog-looking animal wandering around the floating island of Somniel, the player's home base. Sommie is a mysterious creature that has been residing on the island for as long as anyone can remember and is said to have bonded with Queen Lumera — and players can interact with Sommie in a few special ways. But can players pet the cute barking creature? And are there any benefits to doing so?

Players can pet Sommie

Gamers rejoice, as "Fire Emblem Engage" allows players to pet Sommie, a much-requested feature even Nintendo tweeted about. To pet Sommie, players must head to The Grotto on Somniel and press the interact button while standing in front of the cute pup. Then a window will pop up, giving players the option to pet Sommie. And after petting the fur friend for the first time, players will discover a great benefit in doing so.


Petting Sommie awards the player with Bond Fragments. Although players can pet Sommie as much as they want, Bond Fragments are only awarded once per visit. These Bond Fragments can then be exchanged for Bond Rings, which offer stat bonuses to any character that equips them.

In better news about the mysterious creature, players can do much more than pet Sommie.

Players can also dress up the cute furry friend in a handful of cosmetics or feed them a tasty snack (per the Fire Emblem Wiki). However, Sommie isn't a fan of all foods, so players will need to experiment. Nevertheless, interactions with Sommie will increase the creature's affection toward the player. And with increased affection, players unlock new minigames, such as fishing and strength training.


Pet lovers will undoubtedly be happy to hear that Nintendo not only lets players pet the adorable Sommie but also rewards players for doing so. And the numerous rewards provided for strengthening the player's bond with Sommie may lead to players returning to check on the creature long after completing the game.