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Everything You Need To Start Taxi Work In GTA Online

There are many ways to make money in "GTA Online." Most involve dangerous and illegal activities like taking on heists and high-level missions. However, there are some legal and mostly honest ways to make a buck too. Players can do more mundane jobs and even become the CEO of a business. Now, fans can even become taxi drivers and own a cab.

Rockstar revealed the "new entrepreneurial side hustle" on Twitter on January 19, and the option is now up and running in the game. It's being presented as a great way to make some extra cash and become better acquainted with the city of Los Santos. While not glamorous, it should make for an interesting diversion and a far safer way to earn money for those that aren't looking for much player interaction and potential tension. 

Even better, getting started is nice and easy. While buying a brand-new cab will require some startup money, working as a driver is as easy as signing up for the job.

Take jobs at Downtown Cab or buy your own taxi

Rockstar explains that anyone can start working as a driver by heading to Downtown Cab Co. in East Vinewood. From there, players can begin a taxi job and use a rented car (per Gtamen on YouTube). Completing assignments will net, on average, between two and three thousand dollars per fare with an increasing bonus for completing multiple jobs – up to ten – in a row. Not big money in the grand scheme of things, but it won't put players on others' radar as with delivering drug or weapon shipments.

For those that want to truly commit to the job and complete fares with their own taxi, or those that don't want to trek to Down Cab Co. to accept employment, there are a couple of options for acquiring a personal cab.

Anyone that wants a taxi immediately and has the funds available can buy one from Warstock Cash and Carry for $650,000. If players are patient and enjoy saving money, a discount becomes available after completing ten taxi jobs in a row — dropping the price to $490,000 (per Gtamen on Youtube). Finally, anyone who competes in Arena Warriors and hits rank 25 will unlock a red taxi that can also be used to complete taxi jobs. Once players own a cab, they can start taking jobs anytime and from anywhere. No more need to visit East Vinewood or use a borrowed vehicle.