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This Elden Ring Streamer Gives New Meaning To 'Using Your Brain'

"Elden Ring" embraced a new kind of difficulty compared to other Soulslike titles, giving players more tools in a new and punishing world — but for some, it wasn't hard enough. Often gamers will provide themselves with additional win conditions to make the game more challenging, like completing a perfect run taking no damage, or taking on 10 Malikeths at once. But a few creative gamers take it a step further and forgo a standard controller in exchange for wacky input devices that were never meant to be used in FromSoftware's critically acclaimed RPG.

For example, one gamer modified a Fisher Price children's controller to enact the cutest way to play "Elden Ring." Another skilled gamer beat one of the most challenging bosses, Malenia, using a dance pad to control their character (per IGN). Recently, one streamer did the seemingly impossible and found a way to control "Elden Ring" with their mind. And despite its skeptics, this incredibly challenging but rewarding feat has already amazed millions on social media.

Streamer attacks Elden Ring enemies with her mind

As highlighted by Jake Lucky on Twitter, streamer Perrikaryal has found a way to control "Elden Ring" with her mind. The streamer supposedly uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset to monitor her brain activity. And specific brain activity will trigger actions in the game. However, it's worth noting that most of her actions are still being used with a controller; her mind controls only her attack button. Still, an impressive feat, nonetheless.

While some might understandably require convincing that the 'brain-controller' is real. In response to skepticism, Perrikaryal steps away from her computer and controller and still manages to summon a sorcery. The clip also highlights her beating an early boss in "Elden Ring," Red Wolf of Radagon, using her EEG controller for attacking. But for those that wish to try the same thing, it's not as simple as plugging up a headset and booting up "Elden Ring."

According to Jake Lucky, Perri said, "it takes hours of training and refining for each action." And this can be seen on her stream, where she spends tons of time calibrating the device using multiple programs to get everything in working order before booting up the game. But Perrikaryal's Master's in Psychology undoubtedly helps her with her task. If Perrikarya keeps going through the game the way she is, she will be the first person to say she became Elden Lord using her mind.