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One Piece Odyssey: How To Beat The More Important Than Berries Quest

Help isn't free. Ideally, you'd get a valuable reward out of it. "One Piece Odyssey" puts the player through enough battles that using auto battle and speed up have become the norm. That said, the game offers side quests that can help the Straw Hats trudge through the 30-hour RPG with currency and accessory rewards. The More Important Than Berries quest gives the player a Noble's Ring that raises the character's DEF by 180 points, a relatively generous boost at that early point in the game. However, it's more difficult to complete than players expected.


More Important Than Berries comes from a mysterious "Irritated Man" in Nanohana. As shown in 100% Guides' video, he should be in the northeast side of Nanohana, where the blue compass icon appears on the map. Note that the blue compasses won't appear until certain plot points have been completed. 

The Irritated Man wears a blue patterned shirt and top hat, and stands to the side of the street with his arms folded. If the player opts to hear him out, the Irritated Man reveals his name is Pompous Tam and he's missing some photographs. He tasks the Straw Hats with tracking down two photos: One of them is hidden in the "Desert Near Nanohana" area and the other is in the more convoluted "Ravine of No Return." 


Here's how to find the photos and finish the More Important Than Berries quest.

Where to find the two photographs

"Desert Near Nanohana" is a relatively open area with a Yoisa Travel point and Camp near it. The Yoisa Travel point should be clearly listed in the "Desert Near Nanohana" section when browsing through the teleportation options. The outlet near the Yoisa Travel point has two branches: one facing west and another facing north. Head west. You're going the right way if you hit a section where you need to switch to Chopper to continue. Then, keep traveling toward the end of the path until you see a glowing blue orb on the ground — the first photo.


The second photo is more difficult to find, possibly because of its location. It's near the same Desert Near Nanohana Yoisa Travel point, except you head north toward the Ravine of No Return. There's one quest involving a creature called a Navi bird that leads you through the twisting paths in the ravine, but it takes longer than some players would like. Thankfully, 100% Guide's video walkthrough should make it easy for players to navigate the ravine and find the second photograph without the quest. The second photograph appears as a small blue orb in an outlet with two scorpions and a monster corpse.

After you find these two photographs, go back to Pompous Tam to give him the good news.