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How To Unlock The Rabbit Mask In GTA Online

There's no shortage of cosmetics in "GTA Online." Players can equip all types of clothing, from plain white t-shirts to vibrant masks, to make their characters unique and truly their own. Some of these cosmetics are especially unique, as they could only be attained during past special events. However, getting these items often require the player to perform special actions during a limited-time event. For example, the Horror Pumpkin mask from Halloween Judgement 2022 could be unlocked by finding ten pumpkins scattered around the Los Santos map during the event.

The Lunar New Year holiday continues the tradition of events giving out free content to "GTA Online" players. During the Lunar New Year week, players received a free Rabbit tattoo and Traditional Rabbit mask in addition to $188,888 bonus cash just for logging in. But there is another, flashier Rabbit mask players can receive for a limited time, the Twilight Painted Rabbit mask. But this cosmetic requires a bit more effort from the player to unlock.

Players need to link their Amazon Prime account to unlock the Twilight Painted Rabbit mask

Unfortunately, the Twilight Painted Rabbit mask is only available to Amazon Prime members. But those with Amazon Prime will find the steps required to link the two accounts simple. In addition, players can receive up to $500,000 in "GTA" cash during their signup month.

Players must first go to the PrimeGaming page on Rockstar's Social Club website to start the process. From there, players will be prompted to sign in with their Social Club information. This is the account information players use to sign into "GTA Online." After signing into Social Club, players will be instructed to sign in with their Amazon Prime account and confirm the linking of the accounts.

Once the accounts are linked, players must head to the "GTA Online" section of Amazon Gaming to receive the reward. Next, players must select 'Claim' on the Twilight Painted Rabbit mask reward to receive the reward. If everything is done correctly, the linked accounts on the sidebar will have a green check mark next to them. And at the top of the screen, the words "Successfully Claimed" will be displayed. Then players can load up "GTA Online" and equip their new stylish Bunny mask. Although, Amazon warns that "some benefits may take up to 7-10 days to be delivered." So, players may need to wait before the Rabbit mask hops into their inventory.