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The Rarest Loba Skin In Apex Legends

There are a lot of cosmetics in the battle royale sensation, "Apex Legends." Players can equip different weapon skins, character skins, and banners to customize how others see them in-game. But not all of these cosmetics are created equal. Skins come in four different rarities. From least valuable to rarest is Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary/Mythic. But some of the absolute rarest skins in "Apex Legends" are impossible to get ahold of in the regular shop. Instead, players needed to grab them during special events or by completing time-gated challenges. An example of this is the Holiday skins.


Those that get into a new Legend in "Apex Legends" may immediately wonder what the rarest skin is for the character and how they can unlock it to show off to their friends and foes. In the case of Loba, the Black-Market Boutique support Legend; she has 70 skins to her name to choose from. Her list of skins consists of 19 Legendary, 13 Epic, 22 Rare, and 16 Common. But out of these, what is the rarest of them all?

Haute Hoplite is the rarest Loba skin

The Haute Hoplite skin in "Apex Legends" is the rarest Loba skin. This legendary skin was initially made available as a Collection Cosmetic during the Chaos Theory Collection event in March of 2021 amid Season 8. Players could nab the skin either through Chaos Theory Packs or purchase it upright for 1800 Apex Coins or 2400 Crafting Metals. Unfortunately, after the event was over, it was made unable to purchase. However, it has made a few returns. In 2022, for example, the skin returned to the shop again, pleasing players. Because Haute Hoplite rarely makes it into the shop, it is one of the rarest skins in the game. But not only is it rare, but it's stylish, too, making it a fan favorite among Loba players.


Loba players frequently choose Haute Hoplite as their favorite skin for the Legend. The armor looks like some classic roman uniform with its galea helmet and period armor. But it's not without an "Apex" twist, as the armor is complimented with green and gold accents. It's one of the most unique skins in "Apex Legends," and players enjoy showing their love for this skin through artwork. For example, Vinland on DeviantArt created a gorgeous 3D render. At the same time, MalevolentPapaya on Reddit put pencil to pad to sketch the skin themselves.