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FF14: Where To Find The Alastor Greataxe (And Its Requirements)

The Alastor is a craftable level 80 Marauder/Warrior weapon. Square Enix introduced it in Patch 5.05 as part of the Facet gear, the first set of masterpiece recipes available in "Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers." Possibly named after the different Facets of the Crystalline Mean, implying the recipes were created by the artisans of the Crystarium, the Facet gear sports a regal aesthetic with gold accents and brand-new models yet to be used in any other line of weaponry as of the release of "Endwalker."


Though no longer the most powerful craftable gear and rarely used by players reaching level 80 due to being far weaker than the easily available Cryptlurker sets, the Facet weapons come fully dyeable with a unique unsheathing animation. This makes them an excellent Glamour option to complement outfits leaning toward the sci-fi aesthetic. The Alastor, in particular, is a perfect Glamour piece for a sleeker and more mechanical Warrior look, as the usual gear for the job tends to lean towards the wild and natural side. Thankfully, this axe isn't too challenging to acquire — unless you want to challenge yourself as a crafter/gatherer by making it from scratch.

Crafting ingredients for the Alastor

The complexity of acquiring the Alastor varies along a spectrum of crafting entirely from scratch, buying some or all of the pre-crafted components, or purchasing the weapon off the Marketboard. As a more obscure item in low demand, it can either be unbelievably cheap or ridiculously marked up depending on the viciously volatile markets of every World server. The same goes for its ingredients, many of which are master recipes themselves:

  • 3 Tungsten Steel Ingots
  • 1 Prismatic Ingot
  • 1 Onyx
  • 1 Stonegold Nugget
  • 3 Grade 2 Vitality Alkahest
  • 2 Fire 2 Earth Clusters

The Tungsten Steel Ingots and Prismatic Ingot are made from materials gathered at Legendary level 80 nodes in the Tempest and Il Mheg. Both require the Tome of Geological Folklore – Norvrandt — sold by the Splendors Vendor in Eulmore for 40 Regional Folklore Trader's Token B envelopes — which then, in turn, can be purchased from any of Rowena's (and Mowen's) Scrip Exchange representatives for 10 White Gatherer's Scrips. While you're at it, you'll want to pick up some Agedeep Aethersand for 20 White Gatherer's Scrips, as it's a component in the Grade 2 Vitality Alkahest.

If you don't have any Gatherers or the Alchemist Job leveled and geared for any of this nonsense, you can always try farming the Extreme "Shadowbringers" trials. Desynthesizing the weapon drops will often result in Tungsten Steel or Prismatic Ingots in lieu of the trial's unique crafting component.


Crafting requirements for the Alastor

By virtue of being a master recipe, the Alastor also has crafting requirements along the upper end of the most basic level 80 stats: 2140 Craftsmanship and 1990 Control. Fortunately, these are easily reached with White Scrip Blacksmith gear purchased from one of Rowena's many representatives in most settlements. You can even spring for the cheaper Professional's set instead of the final "Shadowbringers" endgame set, Handsaint's. If you're running low on Scrips, a quick run of the weekly Custom Deliveries and a couple of Crystalline Mean and Studium deliveries should get you more than enough to buy a full set.


That said, hardcore crafters are (usually) a friendly bunch, and many high-level skills completely trivialize crafting master recipes from previous expansions. If you're not a crafter yourself and don't have any friends who meet the stat requirements, try asking around for help around the Radz-at-Han bazaar or the Old Sharlayan marketplace around peak hours (or through the miscellaneous category in Party Finder). Provided you're polite about it and have all the components ready to go on the spot, you'll most likely find a level 90 omnicrafter willing to take a few seconds between whatever torturous and Sisyphean project they've no doubt invested all their waking hours into to craft you a shiny new HQ Alastor.