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The Revealed Details Behind Titanfall Legends Make Us Even Sadder It's Canceled

"Titanfall" fans were already bummed after the reveal of the canceled "Titanfall Legends." Since then, more information about the "secret Apex Legends game" has emerged to rub salt in the wounds. In a recent Giant Bomb Game Mess Mornings Episode, industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed what else he knew about the game as an industry insider. 

"Titanfall Legends" was never intended to be "Titanfall 3." Grubb contextualized "Titanfall Legends" as one of the experiences that EA and Respawn had intended on adding to "Apex Legends" to make it into a platform for different kinds of shooter experiences. "Titanfall Legends" was supposed to be the single-player story mode connected to "Apex Legends," similar to how "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is to "Call of Duty: Warzone." According to Grubb, EA wanted to lean into the idea of "Titanfall Legends" being a part of "Apex" because the latter was much more popular than the former.

"Titanfall Legends" was supposed to feature both "Titanfall" and "Apex Legends" characters. Other tidbits Grubb revealed included playing as Kuben Blisk, a character from both "Titanfall" games and "Apex Legends," and the fact that Legends would show up to give the player character new powers. It also featured wall-running as a core mechanic, something that was a big part of "Titanfall" games and would no doubt have been a welcome return for players.

Grubb relayed the strapline for the game that he heard, which was, "We want to make John Wick meets Tony Hawk." If that doesn't sound great enough, here's the part that'll really make you weep.

Titanfall Legends would have apparently brought back more characters

Jeff Grubb revealed that BT, the beloved robot deuteragonist from "Titanfall 2," was supposed to come back in "Titanfall Legends." He explained that "Apex Legends" character Rampart was supposed to find BT's core and revive him as an even more powerful Titan. Then, playing as Blisk, the player was meant to fight alongside BT and upgrade the resurrected machine using parts from Rampart's shop.

In a Twitter thread regarding the details Grubb shared, "Titanfall" fans have replied with comments about their pain and demands to restart development because BT was such a beloved character. It seems like chances are slim, though. "Titanfall Legends" was just one of many projects that EA dropped in its current quarter. It also announced plans to shut down "Apex Legends Mobile," which just launched last year, and to end development on the "Battlefield" mobile game that was supposed to launch in 2023.

"Titanfall" fans were hopeful when a Senior Engine/Systems Engineer job listing for a "Apex Universe FPS Incubation Title" appeared in July 2022. It seems like they got their hopes up for nothing, though.