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The Best Lachmann 762 Loadout And Class Setup For Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2

There's plenty of shooting to be done in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0," and choosing a gun from the enormous offering can be intimidating. Of course, the fact that the majority of the game's guns have to be unlocked helps considerably in choosing what weapon newcomers ought to take for a spin. Fortunately for both new and longtime players, one of the game's best weapons is unlocked fairly quickly when one reaches level 16: The Lachmann-762.

This battle rifle may not have the mobility and recoil control of its close assault rifle relative, the Lachmann-556, but thanks to its alternate fire modes (and with the right attachments), the Lachmann-762 is a stellar fit for a variety of encounters across the array of modes offered in both "Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0." Best of all, perhaps, is that some of the strongest attachments for the Lachmann-762 come from simply leveling the weapon itself.

The Lachmann-762 is a great all-rounder battle rifle

As a battle rifle, the Lachmann-762 offers a bit more range and precision than assault rifles without being as cumbersome and slow-firing as most marksman rifles. The 762's primary firing mode is semi-automatic, allowing a player to lay down as many shots as needed more precisely. Should the situation require it, however, the 762 can switch to a fully automatic mode. This is better suited for hip firing or other close-ranged engagements as sustained fire can cause the 762's aim to climb.

To make the weapon even deadlier in a variety of situations, players should consider the 30-Round Magazine, 7.62 High-Velocity Ammunition, Cronen Mini Red Dot Optic, Corio LAZ-44 V3 Laser, and S-Grip Zero Rear Grip. Even when firing the 762 in its semi-automatic mode, the gun drains ammo quickly. The 30-Round Magazine remedies this nicely, while the S-Grip Zero and Corio LAZ-44 V3 make up for the mobility and handling penalties that come from the larger Magazine. Finally, both the 7.62 High-Velocity ammo and Cronen Mini Red Dot Optic further boost the performance of the 762 in the close-to-mid-range encounters that it thrives in.

As far as one's class setup when using the Lachmann-762, movement is the name of the game. Double Time and Tracker are excellent for one's Base Perks to keep moving and finding targets while Spotter keeps players from running headfirst into enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, or C4. For the Ultimate Perk, Quick Fix's kill-triggered health regeneration should keep players in the fight longer. Similarly, a Shock Stick Tactical and Molotov Cocktail Lethal will help gamers flush their foes in more brawly, mid-range situations.