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The Best BAS-P Loadout And Class Setup For Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2

"Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0" offer players a multitude of weapons to choose from when going into combat. From short-range shotguns to assault rifles and sniper rifles, there are lots of options, and more are being added regularly. Those who took part in the Season One Battle Pass had a chance to unlock several of these weapons, including the BAS-P.


The BAS-P was made available as a free unlockable on the Battle Pass map, so even players who chose not to pay for the premium pass had an opportunity to grab it and, if they did, it was well worth it. The BAS-P is an SMG that boasts an incredibly high rate of fire, even for its weapons class, and is a solid choice for operators looking for a speedy, compact weapon for a run-and-gun playstyle.

Of course, even with a good strategy, a weapon is only as good as the loadout that's built around it. That's why selecting the right attachments, equipment, and perks is vital to success with the BAS-P.


As an SMG, the BAS-P is naturally suited for close combat and quick movement. Further, it comes equipped with subsonic ammo, which hides kills from enemies and makes stealth a more viable strategy. A good build should play to these strengths.


To start, players should add a 10.5" Bruen Typhon barrel. This barrel adds a silencer which makes the weapon even stealthier and, as a bonus, increases bullet velocity and extends damage range — which are weaknesses of the weapon. Next, the BR Stockless Mod should be applied to the stock. This will remove the stock of the BAS-P, making it much faster and more stable when shooting from the hip, which will play to the run-and-gun strategy.

After that, an FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel and D37 grip should be attached to further enhance firing stability to ensure that all those rapid shots land on target. Finally, operators should swap out the standard magazine for a 50 Round Drum. With the BAS-P firing so quickly, it will be easy to run out of ammo if one isn't careful. Having an expanded capacity will help avoid getting caught reloading during a firefight. Put together, these attachments will turn the BAS-P into a fast and accurate stealth weapon, ideal for ambushes and close encounters.



The next step in creating a solid build is perk selection. When playing in "Modern Warfare 2," an operator can choose any combination of base, bonus, and ultimate perks they choose while "Warzone 2.0" is limited to selecting a preset perk package that can't be changed. In either case, players should favor speed and stealth in their selections.


For base perks, players should go with Double Time and Tracker to increase their movement speed and see enemy footprints. These will allow for quickly following enemies and getting in close for the kill. For a bonus perk, Fast Hands is arguably the best option. This will make reloading and switching weapons much faster, playing to the speedy strategy. Finally, players should take the Ghost ultimate perk. This hides them from enemy UAVs, making stealth even more viable.

When playing "Warzone 2," players should go with the Specter package. This will recreate the above selections except for swapping Fast Hands for Spotter, which will reveal enemy equipment and can be quite useful as well.


The final step in constructing the perfect BAS-P loadout is equipment selection. Here, players should favor items that will work well in close quarters and further complement the stealth strategy.

For tactical equipment, a Flash Grenade is a great option for entering and clearing rooms, which will be a specialty of operators carrying SMGs. Just toss one into a room and then rush in after it goes off to take out enemies before they recover. Further, a Frag Grenade, with its ability to bounce around corners, will also work well in buildings and other enclosed spaces.


Finally, the Dead Silence field upgrade will round out this stealth build. When activated, movement will now be silent, meaning shooting, running, and even enemy UAVS will not give away an operator's position.

With this build complete, a player will be the ultimate ninja, sneaking across the battlefield and taking out foes before they know what hit them.