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How The Ghost Perk Works In Warzone 2.0

Perks have been a part of "Call of Duty" multiplayer for some time now and "Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0" offer some great options. Among these various perks, Ghost tends to stand out as a favorite and is often listed as one of the best in the game (per ONE Esports). As the name implies, it gives an operator a degree of stealth capability, letting them remain hidden from opponents, and allowing for great ambushes. However, the Ghost perk can also be a source of confusion for some players with its actual benefits being somewhat unclear.

To understand the perk, it's necessary to understand the "Warzone 2.0" minimap, and how players can find one another in the game. Anyone who plays "Modern Warfare 2" or "Warzone 2.0" knows that the minimap in the upper right of the screen tells a player where they are, shows their immediate surroundings, and displays the positions of nearby allies. Further, this map will sometimes indicate the positions of nearby enemies.

When an opponent uses a UAV, it reveals the locations of all enemies, showing nearby foes on their minimap and those of allies. A similar effect can be achieved with the use of a heartbeat sensor or portable radar. An exact location of enemy forces is a major advantage for a team and a massive threat to those revealed. That's where the Ghost perk comes in.

Stay off the minimap

Players with the Ghost perk active will be invisible to UAVs, heartbeat sensors, and portable radar. They won't show up on an enemy's minimap when any of these things are active, keeping them hidden and allowing for continued stealth. This can be incredibly helpful for operators who prefer to ambush foes. Further, as firing a weapon no longer reveals a player's location (per Dexerto), having Ghost active means never having to worry about being discovered through the minimap again.

While this perk has its benefits, there are some points to consider. First, Ghost doesn't prevent an enemy from tagging a player. An operator can still be spotted by an opponent and revealed to the rest of their team. Second, this perk doesn't render a player silent. Footsteps and gunshots will still be audible, and an enemy could use these sounds to track them. Third, Ghost is an ultimate perk. It will take eight minutes for Ghost to activate and, until then, UAVs will still reveal a player.

Finally, perks come as part of perk packages and can't be edited in "Warzone 2.0." Anyone who wants to bring this perk into battle will need to be sure to select either the Specter or Scout packages. The Specter package tends to be good for close range, stealth runs, and gun builds like those that can be used with a Chimera loadout. Meanwhile, the Scout package is great for stealthy sniping and long-range engagements as with the TAQ-56.