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Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Locations To Find Diricawl

With "Hogwarts Legacy" Multiplayer (sort of) coming soon, and how fans are raving about how fun the game is, it's easy to see why it's breaking records. However, some of the quests have budding witches and wizards stumped, like how to unlock Alohomora and pick locks. One such quest is given to students by Professor Howin, the Beast professor — a class that will eventually be renamed Care of Magical Creatures, as it's known in Harry's time.


In the quest, students need to complete the explosive Bombarda spell, which requires access to the mysterious Diricawls. Unfortunately, finding them is easier said than done with dens of Diricawls being few and far between. Whether gamers want to complete Howin's unofficial assignment, need to upgrade their gear with Diricawl materials, or if they simply desire to keep the bird in the Room of Requirement, here are the best places to quickly find these pesky birds, the Diricawl.

Head south east of West Hogwarts Valley toward the magic hot spot

Most of the Diricawl dens are located deep within the map, much farther than the average student will have explored by the time they go on Howin's quest — such as along the Clagmar Coast or at Marunweem Lake. Thankfully, there is one location near the West Hogwarts Valley where three or four Diricawls are gathered. You can reach the cliff either by heading to the Keenbridge Floo Flame and then moving up west towards the ruins, or you can fly there toward the Ancient Magic Hotspot as your goal.


Just be careful! Finding them is only half the battle. These birds are very quick to flee, so you'll either want to sneak up on them with a Disillusionment charm, or stop them outright with Glacius or a slowing charm like Arresto Momentum.

Lastly, be on the lookout for the zombie-like Inferi, as there may be a group nearby. Remember, a prepared witch or wizard is one who stays alive!