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The Best TAQ-M Loadout And Class Setup For Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2

In "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0," Marksman Rifles strike a unique balance between the speed and stability of Assault and Battle Rifles and the range and damage of Sniper Rifles. For operators who want to snipe enemies but would like a bit more speed and mobility, this class of weapons presents a solid option. Among these Marksman Rifles, the TAQ-M stands out as a great choice.


Featuring excellent range and damage (it even received a damage buff in Season 2), the TAQ-M makes for a deadly weapon more capable of scoring kills at Longshot distances than many others. Of course, the loadout and setup can make or break a weapon and battle plan. Players who desire to roll into battle with this Marksman Rifle will need to strategize and craft a build that will increase their chances of success.

In designing a loadout, it's vital to take the pros and cons of this weapon into account and ensure that its strengths are maximized and used to their greatest effect.


The TAQ-M shines at longer ranges so its attachments should support this playstyle.

To start, operators should add a Polarfire-S muzzle. This will increase the damage range of the weapon along with its bullet velocity while reducing recoil, making it deadly and accurate at even longer distances. Further, it will silence the gun, something any hidden sniper can appreciate. It will reduce ADS speed, but this is a weapon for lining up careful shots so this isn't a major negative. Next, add an LR1:7 20.5" barrel for even greater range and bullet velocity.


Operators should then focus on refining their aim by attaching an FTac Ripper 56 underbarrel. This will improve aiming stability and reduce recoil, making it easier to line up a shot and get back on target for a second hit when necessary. It will next be worthwhile to offset the loss of ADS and movement speed by adding a Demo Cleanshot grip. This will specifically raise these stats, ensuring that an operator has a little speed to go with their damage and range.

Finally, the TAQ-M won't be complete without a solid scope. A subjective choice, most players will likely disagree about the best optic. However, you should consider the Drexsom Prime-90. This scope offers excellent magnification and detects heat signatures, making it easier to identify targets and even see through smoke. Whether they go with this scope or not, players should definitely choose one with decent magnification to take advantage of the weapon's superior range.



After attachments, an operator will need to select the right perks to go with their build.

For base perks, Extra Tactical and Double Time are the way to go. Getting an additional piece of tactical equipment always provides advantages in combat and a boost to crouching speed from Double Time will help snipers get into position as they sneak across the battlefield.


For a bonus perk, players should select Fast Hands to speed up reloading and weapon switching. No sniper wants to get caught reloading or moving to a second weapon with an enemy up close, making this perk vital to success.

Finally, players should take the Ghost ultimate perk to hide from enemy UAVs. Their superior range and silencer will already aid in stealth and the Ghost perk will complete the build, making it possible to function as a hidden assassin that strikes from the shadows.

Fortunately, unlike when the game first launched, it's now possible to edit perk packages in "Warzone 2.0" just as in "Modern Warfare 2," ensuring this setup will work for both titles.


Finally, an operator needs to choose some extra equipment to carry into battle.

For lethal equipment, players should take a proximity mine. Placing this mine to guard their back will offer some extra protection while an operator looks downrange through their scope. Just make sure you place it somewhat out of sight so an enemy doesn't spot and destroy it before it can take them out.


For tactical equipment, a smoke grenade makes an excellent choice. This offers a great way to stay hidden and escape when cornered by foes which will support the stealthy sniper playstyle of this build. Further, if players do choose to attach the Drexsom Prime-90 scope, they'll be able to see through the smoke they produce, making smoke grenades even more useful. Simply throw a grenade between yourself and the enemy and then take shots at them while they can't see you.

Lastly, players should take a Trophy System for their field upgrade. It won't be surprising if enemies hurl some explosives to force a sniper out of cover and this piece of defensive equipment will take out these thrown items before they can do any damage. Combined with a proximity mine, this will make it possible to create the ultimate defensive sniping perch.