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What Are The Longshot Distances In Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0?

"Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0" present players with plenty of challenges beyond simply surviving and taking down the enemy. From scoring headshots and point-blank kills to taking down two or three enemies in quick succession, there are lots of ways for operators to prove their skills. Among these challenges, landing Longshot kills can be particularly difficult for some to pull off.


As might be expected, scoring a longshot requires killing an opponent from long range. When a Longshot has been achieved, a brief message will flash on the screen, informing the player of their achievement and telling them just how long the shot was. Anyone that plays "Modern Warfare 2" or "Warzone 2.0" for long will likely land one of these by accident but, for those grinding to rack up longshots, it helps to know just how far away they need to be to keep getting kills that count.

Longshot distances vary by weapon type

Longshot ranges are different for each weapon type and increase for weapons that are more oriented towards long-ranged combat (per Prima Games). At the shortest range, shotguns require kills at or beyond 12.5 meters (over 41 feet) to score a longshot. Pistols require kills at 20 meters (over 65 feet) and SMGs require 30 meters (over 98 feet). Assault rifles, LMGs, battle rifles, and marksman rifles, which all serve as medium to long-range weapons, require 38 meters (just under 125 feet). Finally, sniper rifles require kills at a whopping 50 meters (nearly 55 yards, approximately half the length of a football field).


As they work to hit this achievement, operators should be careful to select weapons attachments that will support their goal for this challenging task. For an assault rifle, a good option is the Kastov 762, along with a loadout that emphasizes ranged damage and stability. Meanwhile, a one-shot sniper build is a good idea. For marksman rifles, couple the SP-R 208 with the best FTAC Recon build. The FSS Hurricane, with a good build, can extend its range, making it viable for longshots. For LMGs, the best 556 Icarus loadout could be a good choice.

Finally, for pistols and shotguns, the best Bryson 800 build makes for a solid weapon in general and does add some damage range to make longshots more plausible.


Finishing these challenges will definitely be time-consuming, but being able to estimate just how far back players need to be from enemies will help along the way. With the right loadout and some luck, the longshots will start adding up.