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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Walking Wake Raid: The Best Counters To Use

"Pokémon Scarlet and Violet" are massive games, featuring an open world and numerous things to do. Even after officially beating the game, there are still lots of adventures to go on and exciting tasks to accomplish. Among these activities are raids that allow players to battle and catch particularly tough or unique Pokémon and earn other rewards. While some of these raids are relatively easy and a permanent part of the game, some, like the seven-star tera raids, are much harder, and some are introduced as limited-time special events.


Among these event-raids is the new Walking Wake raid that has players going up against an ancient form of Suicune that has a dual Water/Dragon type. This type combination and the possible moves it can learn, along with its cool look, make Walking Wake a Pokémon any trainer would want in their collection.

Being a five-star raid, however, taking on Walking Wake won't be easy. Trainers will need skill, experience, and a solid team of leveled Pokémon to master this particular challenge. While the skill, experience, and leveling are things that each player will need to handle on their own, it is possible to get some help when it comes to putting together a team with the right counters.

Focus on Electric types

Walking Raid is a dual Water/Dragon type, but it's important to remember that, in the raid, it has a Water tera type. This means that it solely has the strengths and weaknesses of Water Pokémon. As such, trainers will want to focus on bringing a team that's good at countering Water. However, there's another point to consider.


While Walking Raid is a Water-type for the purposes of the raid, it also knows the Fire move Flamethrower. This move is a serious threat to Grass types and so, while Grass is a counter to Water, Grass type Pokémon will not be ideal for this fight. Instead, trainers should bring a team of Electric types that are equally strong against Water without the weakness to Fire that could undo a team.

Thus, a solid team of counters to Walking Raid will be composed of a player's best Electric types with solid movesets of Electric attacks. Which specific Pokémon will be a matter of personal taste, but "Pokémon Violet" players may want to bring their Miraidon, which is a Dragon/Electric type, and Eevee fans may want to include Jolteon.


Whichever Pokémon they include, as long as they're Electric types without any secondary types that are weak against Water or Fire, they'll be solid counters to this new raid.