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xQc's Fans Horrified By His Sleep Schedule

Getting the proper amount of sleep each night is more important than most realize, but sometimes it's hard to force oneself into bed at the right time. That's especially true in the gaming community, where playing just one more round often feels more important than a full night's rest, and bright screen usage at night can impact one's ability to fall asleep at all. The CDC and health organizations worldwide recommend adults get at least seven hours of sleep every 24 hours. 

If adults regularly don't meet this minimum, it can cause long-term physical and mental health issues and may even be a catalyst for dementia. In a stream on March 3, 2023, former "Overwatch" star xQc revealed that he has not met this minimum for several days, to the point that fans are becoming concerned for his well being and wondering whether he's sick of streaming. It appears that being live for more than ten hours every day for countless weeks has had an insomniac effect on the streamer.

Towards the start of a recent Just Chatting stream, the repeatedly banned xQc revealed that he has only been able to sleep for about seven hours total over the last four days — just less than two hours every night on average. xQc said that he eventually just ran out of juice — fitting for the host of "Juiced" — and that he "found the actual limits that I can go." In posts across the streaming community and in xQc's chat itself, fans were pretty unanimously concerned for his health and brought up the effects that his insomnia could have. 

xQc fans react to the streamer's insomnia with concern, and a reminder to get to bed

xQc said that he had never felt this low energy before, that he couldn't "pull any energy from anywhere." He said that feeling low energy wasn't out of the norm for him, especially as he's used to staying up for longer than 24 hours regularly. This isn't anything new for xQc. Back in 2017 for example, he posted that he had only received 10 hours of sleep over 3 days, and had "a nice average resting BPM of 117." But this time was different — he had only been up for about 12 hours before the exhaustion seeped in. This was when xQc said he realized that he had only received about seven hours of sleep over the last four days.

xQc only slept for 7hrs in 4 days from

The fan response to this revelation was practically unanimous. Pausing the clip at any point to read the rapidly scrolling chat reveals countless viewers asking xQc to "get checked out," and telling him that it "unironically sounds like a stroke." Some were even worried that the streamer might fall asleep while live.

 In a Reddit thread about xQc's lack of sleep, users pointed out his bloodshot eyes and speculated about what might be going on with the streamer. Some even theorized that a chronic lack of sleep could be to blame for the streamer's rapid manner of speech and other mannerisms, though these theories weren't exactly based on studies and more on personal impressions. One user gave a harsh reminder that "this is how you end up in an early grave."