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Dr Disrespect Makes His Position On Blockchain Games Clear

The subject of NFTs in video games is a divisive one, but in recent years its slowly become a more and more popular pairing. And it's not just smaller developers getting in on the trend — despite some uproar, companies as big as Ubisoft and Square Enix have doubled down on making blockchain games. In fact the president of Square Enix has reiterated since 2021 that he believes it will only become more commonplace. Whether you agree with the concept of a NFT video game or not, they're not likely to go away anytime soon as more game developers — now including Dr Disrespect — embrace the concept for upcoming titles.

Dr Disrespect and his team at Midnight Society have steadily provided updates on "Deadrop" throughout its development. The first title for Midnight Society is an extraction shooter that is said to combine the best of the deathmatch, extraction, and Battle Royale game modes, taking inspiration from games like "Escape from Tarkov." But it also incorporates digital assets — NFTs — as an integral part of its identity. It seems that over time, NFTs and blockchain technology have only gotten more strongly associated with "Deadrop."

Fans and viewers are very divided over whether these cutting edge ideas can actually work in "Deadrop," and now Dr Disrespect has come out to make his position on NFTs and blockchain games abundantly clear: from his point of view, if you're not excited about NFT gaming and its entertainment value, you're an idiot.

Dr Disrespect's comments invite criticism, stir up an already divided community

In a series of Tweets posted March 5, 2023, Dr Disrespect asked readers to imagine the entertainment value of playing a PvP game after discovering an asset worth a hundred thousand dollars. When it comes to extraction games specifically, he said "the concept of digital collectibles... is so exciting to me." The streamer then went on to call those that doubt NFTs and blockchain collectibles can't think outside the box. Responses to these inciteful comments were overwhelmingly critical, though some pointed out the potential of such a concept in video games if implemented correctly.

Most of the praise for his beliefs were for the uniqueness of NFTs in games rather than Dr Disrespect's title specifically. Most praise was backed by the caveat that a single successful cheater would irreperably damage the game's integrity. One user said that the anti-cheat system had to be totally bulletproof, while another argued that an anti-cheat system with 100% efficiency — as would have to be the case with real money on the line — might be worth even more than the game or its NFTs.

Still, most responses were critical of the Doc's opinion. One user said they thought he was "better than that," which prompted the streamer to directly call him an idiot. Dozens of others called NFTs a scam, with one particularly popular tweet from a Founder's Pass buyer criticizing the decision.