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Things We Want To See In Elden Ring's Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Despite having heavy competition from games like "God of War Ragnarök," "Elden Ring" was the standout of 2022 for many gamers. It wasn't hard for many to sink upwards of 100 hours into exploring everything the game has to offer. And the content just keeps coming.


Late last year, players were treated to the free Colosseum Update, which introduced content for all types of players. It notably added new ways to PvP via the arena Colosseum system. Additionally, the update added some cosmetic items for those fashion-conscious Soulsborne players.

And recently, it was revealed that "Elden Ring" would be getting another DLC titled "Shadow Of The Erdtree." While the DLC is still in development, and next to nothing is known about what it has in store for players, there are some things gamers hope to see in the new content. Especially if FromSoftware is going charge gamers for it.

Expand the lore on The Lands Between

The Lands Between is a mysterious place. Its lore and politics are only approachable by those that put in the effort to explore every inch of the map. Players also need to read item descriptions and dissect cryptic text to make sense of the intricate world FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin created. And even then, sometimes the lore is missing pieces or providing unclear information. As a result, players want the DLC to expand upon the lore of the world.


The teaser for the "Shadow of the Erdtree" already gave players a glimpse of what the DLC might focus on. Based on the appearance of the mysterious character in the announcement, many believe that the DLC will focus on Miquella, an Empyrean and brother to Malenia. Some speculate that the story will take place before the events of the game, with the player time traveling to the age before Miquella created the Haligtree. This would be a welcome expansion to the lore of "Elden Ring," allowing players to learn more about The Lands Between's past and see what it might have looked like in a different era.

Introduce more challenging boss fights

"Elden Ring" offers up a ton of variation in the types of bosses. From giants to rampaging beasts, "Elden Ring" has it all. But when it comes to the "Elden Ring" DLC, FromSoftware will need to up the ante to keep players engaged. Because gamers diving into the DLC will most likely have already beaten the game, they likely have the game's mechanics mastered. This means the DLC needs to pack a considerable challenge to keep experienced players interested, especially after a ton of bosses in "Elden Ring" were nerfed after release.


FromSoftware has famously made its DLCs challenging, so many don't have much for concern. For example, Artorias in the "Dark Souls" DLC was arguably the hardest boss in the game. It's clear gamers want these kinds of bosses even in "Elden Ring," as Malenia, the undisputed hardest boss in "Elden Ring," is a fan favorite even if she can be frustrating to fight. So hopefully, "Shadow Of The Erdtree" will pack some more challenging bosses that test the player's skill. Who knows, maybe Let Me Solo Her will even rise to a new challenge.

Bring back Covenants

Covenants have become a staple in the unofficial Soulsborne series. These joinable factions give players access to exclusive quests and rewards. But most importantly, Covenant affiliation changes the way multiplayer works for its members. Players can either choose to be defenders to help those that get invaded, focus on invading themselves, or join a covenant somewhere in-between. As a result, these covenants help to match up with like-minded players.


But alas, there are no Covenants in "Elden Ring" in an effort to make it easier to match up with other players. Instead, Elden Ring has Accords. These function as informal NPC quests, such as the Volcano Manor questline, but Accords have no multiplayer use.

There are a ton of players that wish Covenants would make a return to give multiplayer a more dynamic experience. And the DLC would be a great way to please these fans. Especially those that were not satisfied with the Colosseum update.

Add more unique weapons and spells

A specific weapon or spell can alter how someone plays "Elden Ring," and the most memorable ones often come from bosses. Melania's katana, for example, slings players through the air when activated. So the DLC bosses need to bring some fun weapons or spells into the Lands Between to compete with those already present in the main game. And because the game is suspected of taking place during a previous age, the weapons and spells could be the game's wildest, most powerful yet.


These weapons and spells could also change how PvP feels by freshening up the meta. For a while, gamers have complained that certain equipment is overpowered in PvP, and new items could help negate some of that feeling. Or, in reality, it will just make the new weapons overpowered, and players will quickly get annoyed by them. But at least there will be something new for gamers to mess around with.