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The Supernatural GTA 5 Theory That Changes How You See Trevor

The "Grand Theft Auto" series has had lots of different protagonists over the years that have embodied numerous personalities and crime-story tropes. From Tommy VercettiĀ  in "Vice City," who exemplified 80s crime movies to all-time fan favorite CJ of West-coast 90s themed "San Andreas," there's been a diverse range of main characters over the years. According to one intriguing fan theory, however, there's one "GTA" character with a secret origin.

Trevor of "GTA 5" isn't the least liked protagonist in the series, but he may be the most irredeemably evil character. He's consistently the most violent and sadistic of the three protagonists throughout the "GTA 5" story and appears to revel in his misdeeds. All of the franchise's protagonists may engage in over-the-top violence, but most show at least some hints of humanity and remorse for their actions. Some have even argued that characters like Niko Bellic suffer from a disconnect between their actions and the regret they show for them. Trevor, on the other hand, seems to be just plain horrible and some believe that there's a supernatural explanation for his bad behavior.

Is Trevor a demon?

A fan on Reddit shared their theory and offered supporting evidence that suggests that Trevor seems so terribly evil because he's, in fact, a demon. Apart from his constant, needless desire to harm others, there are other pieces to the puzzle in this theory.

The author cites Trevor's special ability, Red Mist, as proof of an otherworldly origin. Where the game's other playable characters have powers that resemble forms of "bullet time" and appear to simulate their being very focused, Trevor's power renders him essentially invulnerable to damage, which seems less rooted in reality and speaks to something supernatural. Further, Trevor's mother appears to be some kind of demon in her own right. The Redditor's theory notes that she has yellow eyes, often a sign of evil in fiction, and seems to simply appear and disappear, turning up only to push Trevor to commit a new crime before vanishing without a trace. Finally, if Trevor is killed in the game's finale, his death involves burning. While he certainly doesn't seem to enjoy it, a fiery demise would certainly be symbolic if he is actually a demon.

While fans appear split on how likely this theory is, it does raise some interesting questions to ponder. Was Rockstar trying to bring some mystical elements into the series with Trevor? Is he truly gone? Will we see more supernatural elements in the future? Fans will have to decide what they think for themselves.