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The Rarest Item In Escape From Tarkov

Every "Escape from Tarkov" player has dreamed of getting their hands on one of the rarest items in the game. But many may not know that it's not a gun or a piece of equipment but a key. Although it may not be as flashy as a big heavy assault rifle, once players get a hold of this key, it will make their money problems a thing of the past. Having loads of cash is especially useful in "Escape from Tarkov," as unlike the "Warzone 2.0" "DMZ," there is no easy glitch to get unlimited money.

This key is heavily sought after because it unlocks a room with more rare and expensive loot than a player can imagine. And, of course, this loot can either be used or sold at the Flea Market for an eye-watering number of rubles. The catch is players need to be extremely lucky to find one for themselves.

The TerraGroup Labs Red Keycard is the rarest item in the game

The rarest item in "Escape from Tarkov" is the TerraGroup Labs Red Keycard. This keycard unlocks the Laboratory Security Arsenal in The Lab, a secure room that houses expensive items such as rare attachments and collectibles. But getting ahold of a Red Keycard is no easy task.

Players can come across the Red Keycard in the bags and pockets of Scavs. But this is a rare drop, so players shouldn't expect to nab one after only a few Scav kills. Instead, they will need to go out and check some of the keycard's frequent randomized spawn locations. And because other players will likely be searching for this incredibly valuable item, they need to exercise caution and be prepared for potential PvP encounters while on the hunt. The Red Keycard can also be found on a few Scav Bosses. But these bosses are challenging to take down and other players may hear the commotion and interrupt the fight before the player can kill the boss.

If a player does manage to beat the odds and make it out with a Red Keycard, they can sell the item on the Flea Market for a hefty profit or use it to kit themselves up with some of the highest-level gear. They should not, however, sell it to the new lighthouse trader, as they will not get a fair price.