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The Best MX9 Loadout For Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0

In "Call of Duty" games, the submachine gun is the weapon of choice for operators who want to move quickly and fight at close range. Their high rate of fire and superior handling make them deadly in close quarters and a solid option for smaller maps or those with lots of indoor spaces. In "Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0," the MX9 stands out as an excellent representative of this class of weapons.


Unlocked by leveling up the STB 556 assault rifle, the MX9 is a powerful submachine gun that can be modified into a truly deadly weapon. With the proper loadout, a player wielding this unique-looking gun can become a destructive force on the battlefield. By taking advantage of, and enhancing, the speed and power the MX9 offers, a skilled operator can create a build that will support a stealthy run and gun strategy that leaves enemies wondering where their killer came from and where they disappeared to.

Achieving this success, of course, requires careful planning of the modifications, perks, and equipment added to the loadout.


A good loadout and build for the MX9 will emphasize speed and close-quarters combat while also supporting stealth so that a player can quietly close the distance to take out an enemy before they can respond.


To start, an operator should add a Forge DX90 silencer. A rare silencer that doesn't slow down ADS or movement, it will support stealth without harming speed and the slight reduction in damage range won't hurt with this build. The improvement in recoil smoothness is just a nice bonus.

Next, players should attach a 32-round magazine and swap out the standard ammo for 9mm Sub OP. As with most submachine guns, the MX9 will burn through ammo fast so an extended magazine is a necessity. Meanwhile, the subsonic ammo will hide enemy death markers, making its wielder even more stealthy. Further, this particular ammo also inflicts flinch on an enemy, making it harder for them to fight back when fired upon.


To speed up the weapon even more, it should get an FTac C11 Riser comb. This will improve ADS and sprint-to-fire speed which is at the heart of the strategy for this weapon.

Finally, an operator should add an optic or laser of their choice. Those who want an improved sight and are willing to sacrifice a little speed can go with whichever optic they're comfortable with. Meanwhile, those who would like to speed up the weapon even more and are willing to sacrifice a bit of stealth can add a laser that will also improve accuracy but be visible to the enemy.


As with the attachments, perks should also focus on enhancing stealth and speed. Players should, therefore, start with the Double Time and Tracker base perks. Double Time will make an operator even faster so they can quickly get in close for the kill and Tracker will reveal enemy footprints, making it easier to sneak up on them.


For a bonus perk, players should choose between Cold Blooded and Fast Hands. Cold Blooded will hide an operator from thermal optics and other devices and help with stealth while Fast Hands will speed up reloading and weapon swapping. Ultimately, players need to decide whether they want to emphasize speed or stealth in their strategy.

Finally, players should go with Ghost for an ultimate perk. This will complete the stealth build by hiding them from UAVs. Altogether, these perks will pair perfectly with the previous attachments. All that's left is to select equipment.


For equipment, it's best for operators to keep things simple. A frag grenade for lethal equipment and a flash grenade for tactical equipment are great choices for a player that's going to stay on the move and spend a lot of time in enclosed spaces. Both can be bounced around corners and thrown through doors to do damage or temporarily blind the enemy.


For a field upgrade, operators have a choice between Battle Rage and Dead Silence. Battle Rage is perfect for those who want to be more aggressive, charging the enemy head-on and using the upgrade to absorb damage and enhance their own. Dead Silence, on the other hand, will quiet the footsteps of those that would rather sneak up on the enemy.

Whether players emphasize speed or stealth, the MX9 will be a great weapon and this build can easily be modified to suit either style.