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Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Demo - How To Get The Secret TMP Machine Gun

What would a "Resident Evil" game be without a myriad of secrets and easter eggs for players to discover? It's hard to find a "Resident Evil 4" fan who wasn't convinced by their friends to spray bullets into the lake for a free Del Lago boss kill, only to find out that the massive salamander will jump out in retaliation and swallow the player whole. Thankfully, the remake keeps these fun moments alive, as not even the "Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo" is free from secrets.


If the player executes a list of special actions in a specific order, they will gain access to the TMP. This special weapon is a small, lightweight submachine that packs a considerable punch. Its standard build sports a modest level 3 Power, Ammo Capacity, and Reload Speed level. But, most importantly, it boasts an incredibly fast rate of fire.

This weapon makes plowing through zombies a breeze, making the incredibly difficult Chainsaw Mode seem simple. And once found, it will stay in the player's inventory at the start of each subsequent demo playthrough. Here's how to unlock the hidden TMP sub-machine gun in the "Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Demo."

Stop, drop, and run

To unlock the TMP, gamers must first play through the demo normally up until a crucial point. Once the player uses the key to escape from the Hunter's Lodge and starts heading toward the lake, they will encounter a bloodstained gate blocking Leon's path. Typically, players will plow through the gate without a second thought. But to get the TMP, players must drop all items from their inventory before proceeding through the gate.


Unarmed and vulnerable, players must beeline it through the zombie-infested village while hugging the left wall. The player's destination is the area to the left of the church with the two burning makeshift braziers out front. There, players will notice an open well with a ladder.

This well is normally blocked off, but the path was cleared because the player unequipped their items before entering the village. Once making it down the ladder, players can simply follow the tunnel until they come across the blue chest a short distance away that contains the TMP SMG. Surrounding the chest is also barrels of SMG ammo. But players need to stay alert in the cave, as zombies can follow them down the well and catch them off-guard — and an SMG is useless when a zombie chomps down on Leon.