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Unpacking The Streamer Awards Drama Between QTCinderella And JustAMinx

QTCinderella started the Streamer Awards in 2022 and, so far, they've successfully delighted fans and honored the work of major streamers. This season, however, was marred by an unfortunate event and drama at a private afterparty. Speaking on the Fear& podcast, QTCinderella discussed the awards, what she enjoyed, and what she felt needed to be improved for next year. She also opened up about a conflict with fellow streamer and former friend JustAMinx after the show was over.

According to QTCinderella, JustAMinx attended the afterparty and, while drunk, behaved in an inappropriate and disruptive manner. This included throwing things and trying to push people into the pool, generally being loud and upsetting to those around her, and even collapsing. This came after QTCinderella specifically told JustAMinx to behave herself and not drink, or she wouldn't be allowed to attend.

The disruption allegedly concluded with the authorities being called, JustAMinx being taken to the hospital, and the party being shut down after complaints from neighbors. This, QTCinderella claims, led to the $50,000 dollars she spent on the party being wasted. Since this story came out, it has led to a minor conflict between the two individuals on social media.

QTCinderella and JustAMinx trade competing stories

JustAMinx has since claimed that at least some of her behavior that night and her being taken to the hospital was the result of a medical condition. She has taken to Twitter and claimed that she had a seizure and did not collapse because she was drunk. While not denying that she drank, she has argued that she thought it would be acceptable at the party.

QTCinderella has fired back since, alleging that JustAMinx was drunk even before the party and that she had been told her sobriety was a condition of her being allowed to attend. She has backed this up with screenshots of messages between the two of them in which they discussed drinking and the party.

JustAMinx is certainly no stranger to controversy and outrageous behavior, having previously been banned on Twitch for her use of offensive language. This latest incident seems to have been the last straw for some of her peers and QTCinderella is now urging her former friend to seek help.

For her part, JustAMinx seems to recognize that she crossed a line and is seeking to set things right. While maintaining that her medical condition was a factor, she has apologized for her behavior and offered to pay for the damages. She is also asking for forgiveness and that people not "dog pile" on her at this time.