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Fairy Type Pokémon Weakness And Resistances In Scarlet And Violet

"Pokémon" currently features 18 types, and any aspiring trainer needs to know and understand all of them. With each having its own set of strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and counters, it's impossible to compete in battles without knowing the ins and outs of every type. One type, in particular, that deserves special attention is the Fairy type.


One of only three types not included in the initial games and the last to be added so far, the Fairy type includes some powerful Pokémon that factor into the "Pokémon Go" meta, and that can be found throughout the Paldea region. This type even includes one of the most popular Pokémon in "Scarlet and Violet."

Whether a player wants to add some Fairy types to their team or anticipates encountering them on the opposing side, it's important to know how to use and counter them. This means being familiar with their strengths, resistances, and weaknesses.

Fairy type strengths and resistances

Fairy types are notable for having few weaknesses and several notable resistances. They are one of only two types, along with Steel, that can resist Dragon-type moves and they are also resistant to Fighting, Bug, and Dark-type moves. This makes Fairies an effective counter against all of these other Pokémon.


Further, on the attack, Fairy types do extra damage against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark-types. This makes them even better as counters against these three types, as they will both resist their attacks and deal extra damage back to them. Further, while they don't do extra damage to Bug-types, they still deal out regular damage, which makes them a viable option.

When going up against challenges like the Bug gym in Cortondo or Hassel of the Elite Four, who specializes in Dragon types, it will definitely pay to bring a Fairy type or two along to counter them.

Fairy type weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Fairy types may have plenty of strengths, but every Pokémon has its weaknesses and counters. For Fairies, it's Poison and Steel.

Both Poison and Steel attacks deal double damage to Fairy types, making them the biggest threats to anyone using Fairies and the best counters for anyone going up against them. Further, Poison and Steel types resist Fairy attacks which means they're a nightmare for any trainer counting on using a team built around Fairy types. Also, while Fire types don't deal any extra damage to Fairies, they do share the Poison and Steel resistance to Fairy attacks, so they can serve as a backup counter to anyone that doesn't have any good Steel or Poison types on hand.


Fairy types have an important place in the world of "Pokémon" and in the battle meta. Their almost unique ability to counter Dragons effectively and their other resistances make them useful in many situations, making it important for trainers to know how to use them and how to counter them when necessary.