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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Into Headmaster's Office - Easy Guide

Whether you're playing Warner Bros. Games' biggest hit, "Hogwarts Legacy," for the gameplay, nostalgia, the things only adults notice, or the customizability of the game itself (just take a look at the director's personal room of requirement), there are plenty of things to do and mischief to manage. For students who are up to no good — or at least ready for a round of shenanigans — there is one area that is specifically off-limits: The Headmaster's office. Now, Phineas Nigellus Black is possibly the least popular headmaster of all time, and he gets blamed for the game not allowing quidditch (one of the many things that were left on the cutting room floor). It's understandable why a student might take umbrage (or, perhaps, Umbridge) at the cantankerous headmaster and want to break into his personal office.


For the most industrious witches and wizards who want to fully explore Hogwarts or simply want to try to move things around on Headmaster Black's desk, here's how to easily get into the headmaster's office.

The Headmaster's Office is at the tippy top

Now, the first step to accessing the office is knowing where it is: At the very top of the grand staircase, through the trophy room, past a locked door, and then up another flight of stairs. The Headmaster's office is there, guarded by a gargoyle on the left. Unfortunately, if students don't have the password, the gargoyle simply won't let them into the office. However, if more mischievous witches and wizards want to get into the office before the Polyjuice Plot sidequest, there are ways around the pesky gargoyle.


Instead, players can finish the Man Behind the Moons quest, level up their Alohomora to Alohomora 3, and then fly up to the office's balcony nestled on one of Hogwart's towers. Students then need to use the lockpicking charm on the outer door, and presto! They'll have access to the upper floors of the headmaster's office.