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Warzone 2: How To Do A Finishing Move

"Call of Duty" games are, understandably, focused on the guns, and "Warzone 2.0" in particular has tended to favor longer-range combat. That doesn't mean, however, that it's not necessary to get up close and personal with an opponent sometimes. Some players like to wield a riot shield or edged weapon of some kind as a primary weapon, and almost everyone occasionally finds themselves mashing the melee button when surprised by an enemy coming around a corner. Sometimes, however, melee combat can look truly impressive and cinematic. This is where finishing moves come in.


Players new to "Warzone 2.0" or "Modern Warfare 2" may be shocked the first time they suddenly find themselves seeing their character in third person being brutally dispatched with a melee finisher from an opponent. Unable to stop it, they're forced to simply watch as they're eliminated and see their kill streak reset to zero. After they've gotten over it, many will likely want to figure out how to deal the same treatment back to the enemy.

Fortunately for these players, pulling off the move is quite simple. Unfortunately, getting in a position to execute is much more difficult.

Sneaking up on the enemy is key

To pull off a finishing move, an operator simply needs to approach an enemy from behind and hold — rather than simply pushing — the melee attack button. By default, this will be the V key for PC players and the right stick for console gamers. Of course, this is easier said than done, and there are a couple of things players need to keep in mind.


First, a finishing move will take a couple seconds to complete. The opponent being attacked won't be able to stop it, but other players can. Another enemy can shoot an operator while they're performing a finisher, stopping the move and saving their friend.

Second, a player needs to be sure they initiate the attack from behind, which means sneaking up on an enemy. Anyone looking to score some finishers will want to go with a loadout and build that emphasizes stealth, like the one for the MX9 or the Chimera.

With some stealth, luck, and skill, an operator can start taking down foes in dramatic fashion. Once they've gotten the hang of it, they can even change what their finishing move looks like by customizing characters in the Operators tab. This will make their finisher both impressive and a unique expression of the player.