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Everywhere: What We Know About The Former GTA Lead's New Game

For years, gamers have been speculating about the mysterious new project "Everywhere." Announced back in 2017 by former president of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies, after his split with Rockstar, it has been labeled a "GTA" rival by fans and could potentially release before "GTA 6." While the community has been hot on the trail of the new game and speculating about what it could be, there's been little information for several years now about what it would be like. In the past year, however, this has begun to change.


Benzies' new studio, Build a Rocket Boy, has finally started to share some details and give players a glimpse of what they can expect when it eventually launches. This information is still limited, and there's much yet to be revealed but, based on what has been shown off so far, "Everywhere" is looking like it could be a massive title that doesn't just challenge "GTA." Build a Rocket Boy seems to be attempting to develop a whole new way to engage with video games and the gaming community.

Does Everywhere have a release date?

Build a Rocket Boy may have just recently begun to preview the game, but it appears that it will be coming sooner than gamers might expect. At a presentation at Gamescom in 2022, Assistant Game Director Adam Whiting revealed that the studio is shooting for a release in 2023. This would be quite remarkable given the studio was only founded a few years ago, and this is its first project. Further, a recent preview from VGC indicates that Build a Rocket Boy is designing something truly massive in scale that will include social features, content creation and sharing by players, multiplayer gameplay, and episodic content. Given this ambition, it's remarkable that Build a Rocket Boy is shooting for such an early release. 


Whiting also emphasized in his preview that there will be much more information to come, and he did not offer a firm window beyond the year for its eventual release. It seems likely that players will have to wait until the second half of the year to get their hands on it. 

When it does eventually launch, it's also unknown which systems it will release for. These sorts of details remain strictly under wraps for the time being.

Is there a trailer for Everywhere?

Given the early stage of development, there's no full trailer for "Everywhere" yet. Build a Rocket Boy has, however, released a teaser that is simultaneously epic and mysterious and should get gamers interested for more.


The teaser features haunting music playing over a series of short videos of various different environments, including a desert, a forest, and a volcanic plain. Different action, from car racing to combat, can be glimpsed in some of these environments, and — as the camera pulls back — it's revealed that all of these videos are different screens that are all connected together. The teaser then dramatically cuts to brief flashes of sci-fi imagery presented in a more realistic art style before cutting to a title screen with the tagline, "time for a new world."

There's a lot to unpack and analyze in the teaser, but the connected videos do seem to hint at the idea that "Everywhere" will be a game featuring a hub world with many different other worlds for players to explore and create in. Meanwhile, the sci-fi images at the end could be glimpses of the episodic content VGC recently previewed. This content, titled "Mind's Eye," will apparently be a full game in itself, available through "Everywhere" and released in chapters.


The teaser doesn't reveal too much about the story of "Mind's Eye," or precisely how it will integrate into "Everywhere," but it does look like an action and sci-fi adventure.

What will Everywhere's gameplay be like

Based on the VGC preview and a presentation from Build a Rocket Boy, it looks like "Everywhere" will have a dramatic mix of content and gameplay styles. While the core mechanics of interacting with levels will apparently be third-person ranged combat and racing, "Everywhere" will ultimately be about much more than that.


Even more important, the experience will be tying different worlds together and having players collaborate in creating these worlds and crafting new stories. If this sounds like something out of "Ready Player One," that's apparently the idea. According to business documents shared on Twitter, Build a Rocket Boy specifically had the sci-fi story in mind when designing "Everywhere," and the social interactions and player participation in building worlds definitely fit with that inspiration.

So much still remains a mystery and it's not clear yet just how all these parts will fit together but the general goal appears to be making "Everywhere" more than a single game. It's meant to be a social experience where players help build the game over time with the help of tools designed for creation and sharing.


Beyond this, the separate game "Mind's Eye," is looking to be a more standard action game that will fit within "Everywhere" and seemingly be Build Rocket Boy's major initial contribution to the world.

These are just the first glimpses of "Everywhere," with much more likely to come in the next few months. Gamers looking for something truly original, fans of social collaboration, and anyone who ever wanted to dive into the world of "Ready Player One" will definitely want to follow news on this one.