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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Primal Knife Location And Upgrades

The Primal Knife is the best blade in the "Resident Evil 4" remake specifically because it's indestructible once it's fully upgraded. Knife durability is just one of the many new features that were introduced in the remake of "Resident Evil 4" that weren't present in the original. Players will be given a Combat Knife at the beginning of the game that they can use to stealth kill enemies, parry their melee attacks, stab them to escape when grabbed, kill them before they can transform, or simply slash them when they get into range. In fact, it's possible to beat the entire original game using nothing more than a blade. In the remake, Leon's Combat Knife is an incredibly useful and versatile tool, but it will break when it sees too much use. Players can pay to have it repaired and upgrade it at the merchant in order to improve its Durability, but they can't make it unbreakable, and the constant repairs can be costly. There are also several other knives that can be found scattered throughout the game, but most of them are just as breakable as the Combat Knife, if not more so.


This is where the Primal knife comes in. Having a knife that can never break gives the player one less thing to worry about as they frantically scramble to stay alive in the parasitic plague-infested village – especially once it's fully upgraded.

Where to get the Primal Knife

There's no doubt that the Primal Knife is a worthy addition to any rescue operative's survival kit, but it takes a lot of work to get and can only be obtained at the very end of the game so most players will never see it in a casual playthrough. In order to get the Primal Knife, players will first have to find and destroy all of the Clockwork Castellans in the game.


There are sixteen of these rattling little figurines scattered throughout the region. Players can encounter the first one as early as the optional area near the Village in the very beginning of the game, but they won't be able to get the last one until the escape sequence in the final chapter. This unfortunately means that players won't be able to collect them all until the game is all but done. It is an excellent option for anyone considering playing a New Game +, however.

Once players have found and shattered all of the Castellans, they will have unlocked the ability to purchase the Primal Knife from the Extra Content section in the main menu for 1,000 CP.

Just getting the knife isn't enough though. Players still have to upgrade it for it to reach its full potential.


Primal Knife upgrades

There are two methods of upgrading the Primal Knife. The first, and most straightforward is to simply upgrade it until the exclusive Indestructible perk is unlocked. The Primal Knife starts out with the following base stats: 0.8 Power, 1.6 Durability and 1.1 Attack Speed. This is already pretty good, but the Power and Durability can be enhanced even further. Each of them can be upgraded four times at the merchant (so long as the player has enough money.) Fully upgrading both of these stats will cost the player a whopping 260,000 Pesetas, but it will bring the Power up to 1.2 and the Durability up to 2.2. Once that's done, players will have unlocked the ability to buy the Primal Knife's exclusive perk for another 10,000 Pesetas which makes the blade indestructible.


The other method bypasses the cost associated with the upgrade tree, but will cost the player Spinels, which can be even more valuable. To do this, players can simply navigate to the Trade menu at the merchant and purchase the Exclusive Upgrade Ticket, which costs 30 Spinels. Once they have that, players can upgrade the Primal Knife in exchange for the ticket and 10,000 Pesetas. This allows players to make the knife indestructible without wasting the excess cash on Durability. It's hardly a worthy trade though, since Spinels are so valuable, and most players will probably still want to upgrade the Power stat anyway.