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WoW Easy Guide: How To Find And Complete Possessive Hornswog Puzzle

With "Dragonflight," Blizzard shifted from removing quests from its MMO to adding them. And with new quests come new puzzles — but not all of them are easy to figure out.

The Possessive Hornswog puzzle, for example, is particularly challenging as it has players searching for unmarked items on the map with nothing but some cryptic clues to guide the way. But for those who enjoy Pet Battles, this puzzle shouldn't be missed as it awards players with a cute pink Roseate Hopper frog Aquatic Battle Pet that will undoubtedly come in handy against the hardest Pet Boss in "Dragonflight."


To begin the quest, players must head to the Waking Shores zone and approach the Possessive Hornswog NPC at coordinates 64.4, 69.15. This NPC is perched atop a high cliff, so a flying mount is needed to reach them. Unfortunately, this massive frog creature blocks a cave holding the aforementioned Battle Pet. To get past Hornswog, players will need to complete the Possessive Hornswog puzzle. Players must interact with the small book on the rock to the left of the NPC to display to start the puzzle. Here's how to complete the puzzle to receive its reward.

Search high and low

All three items needed to complete the puzzle are located in the Waking Shores zone. The first item is a Well-Preserved Bone found at 66.18, 55.29. Players must go to the location, climb the dilapidated ancient ruin, and interact with the bone to pick it up.


The second item, Marmoni's Prize, is a banana located at 47.71, 83.59 in the Dragonscale Basecamp. A stack of boxes is near the dragon skeleton in the water surrounding the camp. In one of the boxes is Marmoni's Prize. Players must interact with the banana to add it to their inventory.

The final item, the Adventurer's Lost Soap Bar, is located at 39.64, 84.69. Next to the river, players will notice a bucket of water next to a spout surrounded by boxes. Players must interact with the soap bar in the bucket to pick up the final item.

Once all items have been acquired, players must return to the Possessive Hornswog. Then players can open up their inventory and use one of the items to combine the three to create an Observant Riddle "Treat." Finally, players must select the treat and throw it at the Hornswog to move it out of the cave's entrance. With the path cleared, all that is left is to walk into the cave and interact with the chest to receive the Roseate Hopper Battle Pet. And with this new powerful pet, players can take on Enyobon.