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Why World Of Warcraft Fans Are Furious Over These Removed Quests

"New World" might be the fresh new thing in the MMORPG sphere, but there are plenty of gamers out there who would argue that "World of Warcraft" is still worth playing in 2021. The game still has millions of subscribers worldwide even though development has all but stopped on the classic fantasy MMO in the wake of several Activision Blizzard lawsuits. Still, "WoW" has survived this long for a reason. It's maintained much of its following due to a vibrant community of players and its massive pool of content. Recently, however, it seems that some of that content has mysteriously gone missing.

A Reddit post from user Lenestar outlined several "Shadowlands" quests that were altered or disappeared entirely in the 9.1.0 patch. 9.1.0 was the first major patch after the release of "Shadowlands," adding Korthia, City of Secrets and several new quests within the Jailer's domain. The patch was celebrated at the time of its release because it added a good portion of new content to the game, but makes no mention of the quests which seem to have been quietly removed. What's worse is that several of the removed quests seem to be pivotal to understanding the core of the game's story.

Cut quests

In his post, Lenestar stated, "from what I can tell, when 9.1 dropped, Blizzard simply removed the following quests in an undocumented change. [Blizzard] simply deleted them and marked [them] complete for everybody. Given that the core problem that starts the expansion is the capture of the faction leaders, simply deleting these quests obviously guts the bulk of the main, non-covenant story for the entire expansion." The poster then went on to list over a dozen quests that were deleted from the game. That's a significant amount of content to just up and disappear.

In response to some commenters' questions about whether or not the missing quests might be the result of some sort of bug or error, Lenestar made an edit to his post which claimed that, "this was definitely an intentional, undocumented change." Lenestar then posted screenshots of dialogue which was changed to accommodate one of the quests that new players will now skip over. In the image, Lady Jaina Proudmore credits "another Maw Walker" with saving her from the Maw, a title which had previously been granted to the player-character after rescuing her in the "Torment Chamber: Jaina" quest (which is on the list of removed quests.)

Several commenters expressed their frustration with the missing content, claiming that it made the story difficult for new players or players returning from a break to follow. More than anything, it seems odd that Activision Blizzard didn't announce these cuts beforehand.