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Modern Warfare 2 Season 3: Every Ranked Play Match Win Reward

Season 3 of "Modern Warfare 2" is getting underway, and some of the best and most competitive players in the world will be fighting to climb the ladder of Ranked Play. While only an elite few will rise through the ranks to reach Crimson, Iridescent, or even the Top 250 Divisions, many more can hope to unlock the Ranked Play match win rewards. Earned by racking up wins in Ranked Play at any level, these rewards should encourage more operators to jump into this multiplayer mode and allow successful competitors to show off just how many victories they've achieved.


With a total of six rewards unlocked at different numbers of total wins all the way up to 100 matches, fans will have their work cut out for them. Grabbing them all will require lots of time, no small amount of skill, and the help of some solid teammates. Still, hardcore fans should find the grind to be part of the fun and the rewards well worth the effort.

The first three rewards

The first three Ranked Play match rewards will be earned by winning five, ten, and 25 matches respectively. As each player begins the new season in the Bronze Division, competition should be less fierce and earning this first batch of wins should be somewhat easier.


At five wins, operators will earn a Season 3 competitor sticker. This sticker can be attached to any of their guns for a little customization and to remind them of their early victories in the season.

Next, at 10 wins, players will get one of the real prizes of the season: A new TAQ-56 weapon blueprint. Blueprints, once unlocked, can be selected to automatically apply a set of attachments and tuning options to a weapon. These blueprints can set a weapon up with an optimized loadout and are especially helpful for players who haven't unlocked all of the attachments for a given weapon yet or who just don't have the patience to fine-tune them properly. For those who haven't leveled up their TAQ-56 to unlock the attachments for the best loadout yet, this blueprint will be a great pickup.


Meanwhile, at the 25-win mark, players get a "Top Dog" weapon charm. This charm can be hung on weapons as yet another reminder of success and as a motivational message, pushing players to reach for the highest ranks. They'll certainly need the motivation as, after this, earning more rewards will require some serious grinding.

The road to 100 wins

Getting to 25 match wins will be challenging enough for some but, to earn the rest of the rewards in Season 3, players will need to hit that milestone three more times to reach 50, 75, and then 100 wins. Doing so, however, will earn even more cool rewards.


At 50 match wins, operators will get the "Tippable" weapon vinyl. It's not clear just what this cosmetic will look like but, like the charm and sticker, it will be sure to stand out as a signifier of one's success during the season.

For 75 wins, players get a Season 3 Ranked Play loading screen to enjoy between future matches. This may not be the flashiest reward, but it will still be another reminder to any player who enables it of how far they made it in the season.

Finally, for those who are able to pull off 100 total wins in Ranked Play, the reward will be a Season 3 Veteran camo. Another weapon cosmetic, this will stand out more to opposing players than a simple sticker, charm, or vinyl and should be the most obvious sign of an operator's success in the season.


After this, players will still have plenty more to strive for in Season 3 Ranked Play as they try to move up the divisions, but now they'll be able to do so in style with some great new looks.