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Modern Warfare 2 Season 3: Gunfight's New Maps And Rules Explained

Season 3 of "Modern Warfare 2" is underway, and it's brought back a classic game mode of the "Call of Duty" series. First introduced in 2019's "Modern Warfare," Gunfight offers players a chance to go head-to-head in quick, tense matches across compact maps. After being absent from "Vanguard" and the launch of "Modern Warfare 2," Gunfight is finally returning with some new maps and new twists.


Gunfight is the mode that inspired "Warzone's" Gulag, and, in this iteration, it will be a great option for players who want to cooperate with a single partner and test their skills with a variety of different weapons and loadouts. The basics of this mode will be familiar to veterans of the last "Modern Warfare," but the rules and maps are changing just enough this time around that everyone will benefit from a rundown of the basics.

Whether you're a returning operator or new to the series, here's what you need to know about Gunfight in "Modern Warfare 2."

Gunfight rules

For this version of Gunfight, matches will exclusively be two vs. two, so operators should start looking for a trusted partner. Loadouts will be random, so players will need to learn to adapt to different weapons, attachments, and perks on the fly. To keep things even, however, both teams will get the same loadout, and everyone will be on the same footing.


Once the match begins, both teams will have a limited time to reduce the other team's health to zero while maneuvering through small maps. In the event both teams survive to the end, a flag will appear on the map, and the overtime clock will begin. If one team can get to the flag, or finish off the other, before overtime expires, they'll get the win. Otherwise, the round will end in a tie with both teams being awarded a round victory. Teams will be racing to score six-round wins with the match going to the team that does so first.

Gunfight is easy enough to understand, but winning will certainly require much more skill and struggle. These rules should make for some quick, intense, and personal matches that will appeal to players who prefer close quarters and faster action. To support this close-range combat, gamers will be getting a special set of maps to compete on.


Gunfight maps

To promote lots of action between such small teams, Gunfight matches will take place on relatively smaller maps. Operators shouldn't expect to land many longshot kills in Gunfight, but they won't have to spend too much time searching for their foe.


At present, Gunfight matches can take place on four maps, two of which will look familiar to "Warzone" fans, and one that's a "Modern Warfare" classic.

Alley and Blacksite are both smaller areas drawn from the much larger Al Mazrah map. Alley will feature a market with narrow alleys and shop stalls while Blacksite will be a secret military installation that will also serve as the new Gulag location in "Warzone." Meanwhile, the third map will be Shipment, the popular area that puts players on the deck of a ship full of large shipping containers. These containers create short and tight passageways and offer lots of cover. Finally, a new map, titled Exhibit, is also being added. This map looks to be brand new, and players are still figuring out the theme and layout.


Longtime fans will likely be happy to try out Gunfight again, and these maps should make for a great reintroduction to the fast-paced mode. Anyone interested in giving it a shot should grab a friend and jump back into "Modern Warfare 2" to see it all for themselves.