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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Salazar's Chair Location (& What You Can Do With It)

Players going through the campaign of the "Resident Evil 4 Remake" might want to check out the evil aristocrat Ramón Salazar's chair. It doesn't give any rewards or do anything for the story exactly, but it is a very cool chair. This tall-backed piece of furniture is actually Ramón's throne — the seat of power from which he resides over his grim kingdom. It's upholstered in red velvet and carved from dark wood, with each of the armrests fashioned into stag heads and a crown motif at its peak. Not only is the chair itself stylish, but players who interact with it will be able to have Leon sit in it and strike a lordly pose like the edgy boy he is.

This obviously isn't a particularly important side quest, but sitting in the chair is a memorable moment from the original "Resident Evil 4," and many players might be interested in reliving that nostalgia. It is something that's easily missed, however. Access to the chair is only available for a brief window before the player is whisked off to the next chapter of the game and can no longer return to the Spanish lord's castle. The opportunity to find and sit in Ramón Salazar's chair comes up in Chapter 12, right after Leon rides the elevator out of the underground tunnels where he had that knife fight with Krauser. Here's how to find it, and what to do once you get there.

Ramón's chair is in the throne room

The elevator will take Leon back up to the Ballroom after the fight. Here, there will be an ornate gondola waiting to take the player to the next area. Do not get on the gondola. Instead, players are going to want to make their way to the throne room  – though they may first wish to grab the blue flier for the Disgrace of the Salazar Family favor as its objective will be in the same room as the chair. This is also right beside the Jewel Thief flier though fulfilling that request will take players in the opposite direction.

To reach the throne room, players should simply go south, back into the open area where all the insect enemies were, and then head through the door to the east, just like they did before falling into Ramón's trap. There will be more enemies in the area before the throne room as soon as the player opens the door on the other side of the bridge, including several of the parasites that take over hosts making them much more powerful. Defeat these enemies and head to the now abandoned throne room.

To sit in the chair, simply walk up and interact with it. Be sure to get your image capture button ready. Once the player interacts with the chair, the camera will slowly pan out as a cinematic plays where Leon takes the throne, crossing his legs and leaning thoughtfully on one fist. Not only does Leon look extra regal, but sitting in this chair will also cause a nearby chicken to lay an egg (for some reason). With this, Leon can complete the "Disgrace of the Salazar Family" Request by pelting Ramón's portrait with the egg.