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Apex Legends: What We Know About The Rumored Solo Rumble Mode

Respawn Entertainment loves to shake up "Apex Legends" with new game modes that change how the core game is played. For example, Season 16 introduced the rotating Mixtape playlist, bringing the much-requested Team Deathmatch mode. But now it appears Respawn is undertaking its most ambitious new game mode yet.


For some time now, rumors of a Limited-Time Mode called Rumble have been circulating online. Trusted data miners and leakers have allegedly found evidence that Rumble is a 60-player free-for-all mode being introduced in Season 17. And it's more than just rumors, as the game mode has been hinted at in-game.

Not only is the game mode devoid of squads, but it also supposedly removes every Legend's signature ability. In their place will be new abilities that alter the game's mechanics. In addition, it has also been said that unique weapon perks will be introduced that will change how players approach each fight. And if true, this will undoubtedly make Rumble the most unique game mode Respawn has added to "Apex Legends." Here's everything we know about Rumble.


No squads, abilities, or loadouts

According to an alleged leaked document posted to Reddit, as a replacement for having no abilities, there will be consumables that grant players special effects. These effects are powerful, at the expense of some downsides. Some examples of these consumables include:

  • Stim: A consumable that increases health regeneration and movement speed — but also increases the player's damage taken.
  • EMP: This consumable damages the player and broadcasts their location, but it also disables the shields and electronics of nearby Legends.

Another massive change for this mode is players won't be able to pick a loadout. Players instead are given a random weapon and attachment at the beginning of the game, and they can only swap their given equipment with that of the players that they kill. Supposedly there are also going to be unique weapon modifiers in this mode. Some examples include:

  • Ricochet: A modifier that makes players' bullets bounce off surfaces at the expense of making their trajectory unpredictable.
  • Explosive: This modifier makes bullets explode on impact at the expense of a reduced fire rate and increased ammo usage.

Everything is also turned upside down in this mode. Everything from "the map, the ring, the loot, the anomalies, the wildlife, and the consumables are all randomized and shuffled each match," according to the supposed leaked document. So, players can expect each match to feel different in this ambitious new game mode. Just don't expect to play it on Mobile.