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JiDion Had A Bold Reaction To Being Arrested Mid-Stream

JiDion was just arrested live on stream on April 16. Six days before the event, he posted a tweet where he claimed that he had received a call informing him that a warrant had been issued for his arrest in Houston, Texas. He also posted in a subtweet that the warrant was due to his being featured in a YouTube video by damii. The video in question has since been taken down, but a clip from it posted by the channel JiDion Clips, shows damii asking a university professor to be his valentine in front of her class, loudly stating that she helped him cheat on tests before proclaiming his love for her. JiDion quickly gets involved in the interaction as well. The scene is incredibly disruptive, and the professor quickly stops finding it funny when racist language becomes part of the dialogue. She eventually loses patience with the farce and insists that the two content creators leave, threatening to call campus security.


It seems that this is the event in question that led to JiDion's arrest in service of the warrant, which was allegedly issued for 'criminal trespass.' JiDion is no stranger to controversy. His stunts regularly get him into trouble with Twitch (and sometimes his fellow streamers). This isn't even the boldest part of the story, however. JiDion went so far as to live stream the arrest and even asked the officer who arrested him to pose with him for a thumbnail photo.

JiDion live streamed his arrest

The interaction with the police officer was first initiated when JiDion was allegedly caught speeding. It was only after the officer ran his information that he was arrested in service of his warrant. JiDion pulled out his phone and started livestreaming the arrest on Instagram as soon as he was stopped. The officer who pulled him over stated that JiDion was going 64 mph in a 45 zone, and then took his ID, leaving JiDion to wait in the car while he ran his information. JiDion then spoke to his chat as soon as the officer walked away, claiming that he knew the officer would find the outstanding warrant as soon as he ran his name. At one point, he stated that his manager joined the chat and said, "I'm about to go to jail ... can you call lawyer Mark, 'cause I haven't paid off my warrant yet. And it's f****** ridiculous 'cause I could have paid it off yesterday, but I wanted to make a video for you guys."


The officer stated that he was going to let JiDion off with a warning, but that the station wanted him to bring him into custody. He then asked JiDion to put his phone away, but JiDion asked if he could first "get a thumbnail." He then positioned the phone on the car in such a way that he could live stream himself being handcuffed and proceeded to pose with exaggerated facial expressions, presumably so that he could screenshot the video feed later.